Why using a WiFi repeater is not always a good idea

A WiFi repeater is not always enough

If you are going to use a WiFi repeater, it is because you want improve wireless signal in a certain area. For example, if you connect from a room that is very far from the router and you want to use a computer, mobile phone, television or any device there. It may be enough since it will amplify the signal and can make the coverage greater.

The problem is that sometimes this is not enough. This occurs if that room is too far or there are many walls that can interfere with the signal. In that case, the repeater may receive the signal from the router in the place where you place it, but not send enough to that room where you are actually going to connect.

Also, it is possible that you can connect but the speed you receive is very limited. Think, for example, of a television that you are going to connect to be able to play streaming videos in high definition through platforms such as Netflix. You may need a higher speed so that cuts do not appear and with a WiFi repeater you could have problems.

Another point to keep in mind is that not all boosters are the same. There are some that are dual band, but others you can only use the 2.4 GHz band and you will have speed limitations. Maybe that’s not enough for what you’re looking for. There are also those that will support more or fewer connected devices or that have or do not have available Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Alternatives to a WiFi extender

So what can you do when a WiFi repeater is not enough to improve your connection? You will have different options available. A very interesting one that usually works very well when a WiFi amplifier falls short is to use PLC devices. These devices are usually made up of two devices that are connected to each other through electrical wiring.

You are going to connect one of them to the router and to electricity, while the other is going to be placed in the room or area of ​​your home where you need to have a connection. In this way, the Internet connection will travel through the electrical wiring and will be less sensitive to distance. Of course, you must choose good PLC devices.

Another alternative you have is to use Wi-Fi mesh systems. In this case, it is a device that acts as a base or router and several satellites that you distribute around the house. The satellites connect with each other and thus allow a larger area to be covered. Each of them is not connected directly to the router, which greatly improves performance.

In short, as you can see, it is not always a good idea to install a Wi-Fi repeater. It may not really improve the signal and it would be better to opt for other alternatives, such as PLCs or Mesh systems that will cover a larger space and will not reduce Internet speed as much.

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