Why you don’t need higher internet speed, just a better router

We all want to open the browser and load the pages quickly, start a download and it goes well or watch streaming videos without cuts. For this it is essential to have a good Internet connection. Now, many users believe that simply by contracting a better rate they will have greater speed. In this article we are going to talk about why it may be more important to have a better router and not more speed at the contracted rate.

The router, more important than the Internet rate

when someone has Internet problemsFor example, if you see that Netflix or YouTube videos are cut off or that the downloads are not as fast as you would like, on many occasions you attribute it to the contracted connection. The first impulse may be to increase the rate and thus have more contracted bandwidth. However, in most cases this is not the solution.

Why is not the solution? Usually if there is internet speed problems They are usually related to failures with network adapters, router and different components. It is not usually a real problem of the operator or that the rate we have contracted falls short.

Think, for example, of watching Netflix videos. Actually having a rate of 100 or 600 Mbps is not going to change things. At least, yes, always speaking in general terms and when the conditions are optimal (for example, not having many computers connected at the same time).

Therefore, more than changing the Internet rate, the best thing can be buy a new router. Perhaps the device you have is not working properly, is old or limited. For example, it may not be dual band and you cannot achieve a good Wi-Fi speed or it may not even be compatible with Gigabit Ethernet and you are limited by cable to a maximum of 100 Mbps, regardless of whether you have contracted even a rate of 1 Gbps. You can see the differences between gaming and normal router.

Upgrade hardware instead of upgrade fee

We can say that the hardware, all the physical components that are going to help us connect, in most cases are going to be more important than the contracted rate itself. The router mainly comes into play here, but it is not the only piece of the puzzle that will make your connection work well.

Our advice is that find out what could be the problem of a bad Internet connection before hiring a higher rate that does not really solve the problem. It is possible that simply by optimizing the wireless connection you can get very good results. For example, that you put the router in another place, away from possible interference, or that you install a wireless repeater or PLC to avoid dead zones.

If you hire a higher Internet rate with the aim of having a higher speed but you do not solve the real problem, in the end you will be losing money and you will not have a real improvement. Simply with what you save on the rate you can buy a new router, one that is powerful and can offer greater coverage and that speed problems do not appear.

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