Why You Don’t Need So Many Ethernet Ports Anymore

Ethernet ports, less and less necessary

A few years ago it was normal to connect to the Internet through a ethernet wired computer. Older routers could only have one port available and that was a problem. It basically meant that we could only connect one piece of equipment or have to figure out how to expand those ports. Current routers usually have at least four ports and we are going to have more options in this regard.

However, what was a problem a few years ago is not so much today. We do not need the router to have many Ethernet ports and the truth is that in a few years it may be even less important to have several ports available to connect to the network.

Wireless networks have improved a lot in recent times. We can connect to Wi-Fi and have a much higher speed to that of a few years ago. The coverage is better, we can connect more devices without problems of cuts and, also, the stability has increased. This has made it less necessary to use Ethernet cables to navigate.

But in addition, it should be noted that in the coming years it will still be Less necessary to connect by cables. Wi-Fi standards are going to improve, as is the fact of having Wi-Fi 6 today and not the previous versions that were more limited. This will allow us to navigate faster. There are even laptops that do not directly have an integrated Ethernet card, although you can connect a PC by cable without an Ethernet port.

Therefore, we can say that you will no longer need to have so many available Ethernet ports. If you plan to buy a new router, you don’t need to consider the availability of multiple Ethernet ports as much. You may not end up using them or having one or two is enough.

they won’t go away

Although Ethernet ports are less and less necessary, the truth is that they are not going to disappear. Not in the short term at least. There will always be situations in which it is interesting to use them to be able to surf the net better, with greater stability and without having problems with the distance.

An example is if we are going to connect from a room that is far from the router. You can carry out an installation in your home and reach an Ethernet cable several tens of meters away. In this way you can connect devices such as a computer or a television that will be compatible.

In short, the Ethernet ports that you have on your router and on your computer are going to be less and less necessary. Wi-Fi networks are better than a few years ago and allow us to connect without so many coverage and speed problems. That will make them gradually go into the background.

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