Critical error in Chrome: why it appears and how to avoid it

But why does this appear? There is no single cause, but it is usually related to some program that we have installed. For example, an add-on for Chrome, a Windows application, an antivirus that was not really such and what it has done is sneak in adware or any similar program that may have caused this type of problem.

How to solve it

What can we do to fix it? As we say, this is not a real Chrome error, but it is a problem that appears in the browser. Therefore, we are going to have to check that everything works well in this Google program and, also, review the security of our computer so that this type of message does not appear again.

Check the latest installed programs

The first thing you should do is check latest apps that you have installed in Windows and that could be causing problems in Google Chrome. You may have installed some seemingly harmless program, but it is actually what causes the Chrome critical error to appear as a bait for us to download some virus.

Therefore, you have to check what you have recently installed and if you suspect that an application may be the cause, you uninstall it. You can go to Start, search for Control Panel, enter Programs and go to Programs and Features. There you will find the different applications that you have installed and you will be able to remove the corresponding one.

Check Chrome extensions

have you installed any plugin for chrome Recently? This is another reason why the false Chrome critical error may appear. Although having extensions can be very interesting in terms of optimizing performance or having different functions that can come in handy, the truth is that they can also be the cause of many problems of this type.

You can go to the Chrome menu, enter More tools and click on Extensions. There you will get the complete list of all the ones you have installed and you will be able to eliminate the one that you think may be the cause. You can always uninstall them, but you can also start the browser without them and see if that fixes it.

Our advice is to download extensions for Chrome only from the official browser store. In this way you will ensure that you are installing legitimate software that has not been maliciously modified to steal information or cause problems like the one we are seeing.

Use a good antivirus

The Chrome critical error is usually caused by malware on the system or in the browser itself. Therefore, what you can do to solve it is to use a good antivirus and perform a system scan. In case of detecting any problem, it can automatically remove it and clean your computer from threats.

Regarding which antivirus to use, you can try Windows Defender itself, which is integrated with the Microsoft system. Other options like Avast or Bitdefender can also come in handy. However, whichever you choose, you must make sure that it works well and that it is guaranteed.

Beyond using an antivirus, you can also consider the possibility of using a browser extension. There are many and they can be very useful in order to analyze possible vulnerabilities and malicious software that has sneaked in with the aim of cleaning the browser.

Check that everything is up to date

do you have everything right updated? This type of problem can appear due to having obsolete versions. It is something that can happen in the operating system itself, but also in the browser. We must always have the latest versions installed and thus be able to correct vulnerabilities that may occur.

In the case of Windows, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings and go to Windows Update. Possible new available versions will appear there and you can update them automatically. It is something that you should do periodically to always have everything up to date.

You can also easily update Chrome. In this case you have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help and go to Google Chrome Information. It will automatically show what version is installed and start adding a new one if there is one.

Update Google Chrome

Return to defaults

If all of the above has not had any positive effect, you can always go back to the google chrome defaults. This will help bring the browser back up and running. You will be able to solve errors that have appeared after installing an extension or any problem that arises.

To do this you have to go to the menu at the top right, enter Settings, go to Advanced settings and click on Recover settings and clean. You have to follow the process and the values ​​will be back as they were when you first installed Google Chrome.

Restore Defaults in Chrome

In short, if you come across the message that there is a critical error in Chrome, you should know that it is something false. There really isn’t a problem as such, although it is if we take security into account. You should never click or install anything it shows you. The best thing is to follow the steps that we have mentioned so that it does not appear again and works normally.

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