Why you shouldn’t have a lot of plugins on your page

The danger of having many plugins on the page

This is something that we can indicate for many services and programs that we use in our day to day. It is common to find ourselves with the possibility of adding additional accessories that can offer different improvements or functions that we do not have as standard.

Now this is something that sometimes turns against us. We can have significant problems if, for example, we add a plugin that has a vulnerability or there is some factor that causes a malfunction. Let’s see the risks of install too many plugins on our website. We already know that there are security plugins for WordPress.

Security risks

Undoubtedly one of the most important factors why we must be careful when installing too many plugins in our website It is to avoid security problems. Many plugins may have certain vulnerabilities, may be outdated, and have not been fixed for a long time.

This logically can be exploited by an attacker and put the proper functioning of the page at risk and even affect the users who visit that web page. It is therefore a point to take into account.

Cause malfunctions and failures

A plugin with a problem could cause a malfunction on our website and major bugs. Many of them might even need a certain configuration and in case we do not have it correctly, we could see that our site does not work as we would like.

Slow down the load

It should also be taken into account that it could reach slow down the load from our website. This is not only negative for visitors who enter the page and find that it does not work correctly, but also for search engines. Search engines may penalize our page if we have plugins that affect performance.

It is logical to think that the more add-ons we have installed on our website, the more resources they will consume. These resources are also limited. Therefore, it could cause the page to load slowly and perform poorly.

Space consumption

The hosting of our website will have limited storage. This is where we are going to save all the content, images, videos, texts … And yes, also the add-ons that we install. The more plugins you have installed, the more storage consumption we will have. In case the available space is not very wide, we can have problems.

In short, these are some points to keep in mind when we are going to install add-ons on our website. It is important not to abuse the plugins and not have more installed than we really need.

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