Wi-Fi problems? The decoration of your house may be the reason

Decoration affects Wi-Fi

Something common that affects the Wi-Fi network is having other devices near the router, such as a television. It also affects a microwave and other appliances or the fact that there are thick walls. But the home decor can it influence? There are cases where yes.


Have a mirror near wifi signali can cause you to have problems and not arrive correctly. This is so since many have a metal sheet that will affect the waves of the wireless network and will not pass through correctly. It is an example of why the decoration of the house can affect the wireless network.

But of course, a small mirror is not the same as a very large one. We mainly talk about the latter. Also, if it is old, it is more likely to affect more, since they used to be covered with a thicker and heavier metal sheet or even contain silver, which affects even more.

bookcase full of books

It is very common to have a shelf where we place our books. As a decoration it looks great, but it can affect the router. This will depend on the number of books you have and how they are distributed, but at the end of the day if it is a very large shelf and you have a large number of books, that is as if it were a large block.

In case you have the router precisely on that shelf or near it, it can cause the Wi-Fi signal to not arrive correctly. It is basically one more wall that you are going to have to go through to offer a good network connection.

Fish tanks or water ponds

Do you have any decorations in your house that have Water? For example a fish tank or a pond. That will affect the Wi-Fi network, since water and wireless networks do not get along. It’s going to be another hurdle that you’re going to have to overcome and this one can be quite important to achieve good quality.

Logically, once again it will depend on the size of that fish tank or pond. For it to really affect Wi-Fi, the router has to be nearby or you’re going to have to connect from a nearby device. In addition, if it is a large pond full of water, it will be more likely that problems will appear than if it is simply a fish tank of 30 or 40 centimeters.

Any metal decoration

It is clear that Wi-Fi is greatly affected by metals. As long as there is one Metal sheet that gets in the way between the Wi-Fi signal and the devices, we are going to have problems. Therefore, any decorations you have made of iron and other metals can affect the quality of the network.

Here the thickness of these decoration objects and the size will also influence. The higher it is, the more problems it will be able to cause to our wireless network and errors related to speed and possible cuts will appear.

In short, as you have seen, the decoration of your home will also influence the quality of the Wi-Fi network. The ideal is to place the router in a good place, which is isolated and has nothing around it that could affect it. It should always be in an elevated location, in the center to be able to better distribute the signal. You should always verify that the router works well.

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