Windows 11 Movie Maker simplifies its prices: this will cost you

In the era of Windows XP, Microsoft had one of the most useful and simple programs the company has ever created: windows movie maker. This program allowed all users, both experts and professionals, to create and edit all kinds of videos with a professional finish. However, in 2017, Microsoft decided to kill this program, remove all official downloads, and forget about it as if it had never existed. With the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft once again bet on video editing with a new program: clipchamp. Although it is being a total failure.

Microsoft bought Clipchamp at the end of 2020 with a clear intention to return to offer users a default video editor in Windows. This program is based on the cloud, and allows you to edit video on a timeline, record and import video directly into the program, read text, use templates and much more. It is an all-in-one for anyone who, without needing professional quality, needs to mount or edit any video.

The problem with this program is its business model. Microsoft allows us to use it for free with a lot of limitations. For example, the most serious of all is that it only allows us export videos at 480p if we don’t pay. Then, we have 3 payment methods to choose from, the basic one at 6 euros per month to export videos at 720p, the Business at 13 dollars per month with the possibility of exporting at 1080p and with features for professionals, and the complete one, at 27 euros per month, with support for 1080p and all kinds of stock resources.

In a few words, this video editor wanted to be the new Movie Maker, but it has failed.

New prices to resurrect Clipchamp

It is true that the price is not the only handicap that this program has, but it is one of the most serious. For this reason, Microsoft has decided to change the price plans of this program in order to make it simpler and more attractive for users.

The first thing we find is that now there are only two plans: Free, free, and Essentials, paid. The free plan has been improved, and now allows you to export videos at 1080p and allows access to resources, videos and effects from a free library. The only requirement to use this plan is to link it to a Microsoft account. On the other hand, the Essentials plan has a cost of 12 euros per month (120 per year) and offers access to premium resources, a brand kit and the possibility of making backup copies of projects.

It should be noted that, in the free mode, if we use resources in the videos that are not included in our mode, Microsoft will let us do so, but when we export the video we will have a watermark that we cannot remove unless we pay . This is interesting since it will allow us to make a video, with all the functions of the paid version, to see if the final result adapts to what we are looking for without having to pay the subscription beforehand.

Clipchamp new payment plans 2

We remember that this program is installed by default in Windows 11, and that we can also download it, if we do not have it, from the Microsoft Store itself.

Clipchamp - Video Editor
Clipchamp - Video Editor

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