Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 Will Be Finished This Summer: A Look At Your Keys

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft made major changes to its strategy at the software level, and in every way. This operating system has not only represented a turning point at the design level, but has also modified the development and release cycles of first-level updates, which they have gone from being semi-annual to becoming annual.

The truth is that many users, including myself, had already been in favor of adopting that change with Windows 10, and it is totally normal. Developments in semester cycles they did not finish giving enough time Microsoft for some really cool improvements, except for isolated cases, and they didn’t allow a trial period long enough to prevent those updates from reaching the end user in good condition, polished, and without major bugs.

Windows 11 has made the jump to a model of annual updates, and this has been extended to Windows 10. Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 will be the first major update to receive the new operating system from Microsoft, and according to Windows Latest, a very reliable source , its development will be completed in the summer of this year, specifically in the month of July. It is important to note that even if your development is complete on that date, it will be rolled out gradually, so not all users will receive that update at the same time.

As was already the case with semi-annual updates in Windows 10, the rollout of annual updates in Windows 11 will follow a slow and gradual process to avoid trouble. This gradual deployment has an explanation, and that is that it allows to assess, on the fly, the quality of the update, and leaves room for Microsoft to take the measures it deems necessary if it presents problems of relative importance.

What do we expect from Windows 11 Sun Valley 2?

Being an annual update, it is clear that we will see important changes, and that these will affect many elements of said operating system. First of all, I think Microsoft will bet on introducing improvements that will affect both performance and user experience, and the integration of the new interface into the set that represents Windows 11. We can therefore hope that Sun Valley 2 will improve the performance and interface of Windows 11.

On the other hand, I also hope to see new native applications, a better dark mode integration and the introduction of new, minor functions that improve the taskbar, such as the support of the function of “drag and drop” in the taskbar, the possibility of change her position and other minor adjustments. I do not speak without reasons, after all, the new Windows 11 taskbar was one of the elements that received the most criticism from users, and Microsoft has listened to them.

To all the above we must add new customization options in the start menu, design and Windows Subsystem improvements for Android, a new administration function of groups of snapshots and reviews in the different sections of “Configuration”, as well as in the management of the Control Panel for advanced users. Last but not least, we should also see support for third party widgets.

Installing Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 will be important not only to enjoy all those improvements, but also to expand the support of that operating system, as Microsoft will maintain the approach that we saw with Windows 10, which means that older versions of Windows eleven they will be left without official support. This is, as many of our readers will know, a direct consequence of the operating system model as a service, and not as a product, which was the model that Microsoft had maintained until the arrival of Windows 10.

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