With Firefox 90, Mozilla saves time for Internet users

The new version of Firefox has been released. Several changes should be noted, including increased responsiveness during certain actions as well as the possibility of having automatic updates in the background. What to save time to Internet users.

A new update to the Firefox web browser was released on Tuesday July 13th. No change in the design this time (it was for Firefox 89, at the beginning of June), but small improvements both in the privacy of Internet users and in the responsiveness of the software during certain activities. Quick overview of the changes to remember with Firefox 90.

Regarding browser behavior, the Mozilla Foundation detailed in a blog post its recent efforts to make it faster. The gains are sometimes modest, sometimes more noticeable, since it is a question of an experience accelerated by 10 to 30% depending on the case. This reactivity occurs when certain actions take place. Mozilla does not give an exhaustive list, but takes three examples:

  • By typing in the URL bar or in a document editor. Like Google Docs or Office 365;
  • By opening a menu on any site (for example the file menu of Google Docs);
  • By playing a browser based video game and using the keyboard to control in-game movements.
Firefox 90 further improves the responsiveness of the web browser. // Source: Mozilla

Over the past two years, we’ve made a number of improvements to page load and startup performance, which has made Firefox significantly faster. But we hadn’t spent a lot of time examining how quickly the browser responds to small user interactions. Mozilla raises in his article.

However, these small frictions can accumulate over time and have an increasingly noticeable impact on the experience of using Firefox. It is for this reason that the update of Firefox 90 focuses on seemingly innocuous actions, such as typing text in a search bar or changing tabs, in order to drive out the “lag” that may have occurred. accumulate there over time.

Automatic and background updates

Among the other changes that should be noted, Mozilla announces that starting with this new version of Firefox, it is possible to automatically apply future software updates, even when the software is not in use. Firefox 90 indeed inaugurates the updates in the background, with a contact every seven hours with the servers of the foundation to check if there is anything new.

Firefox 90 is also an opportunity to launch a new version of SmartBlock, which is a tool intended to oppose the mechanisms for tracking Internet users when Firefox is used in private or strict browsing mode. This new version is announced as more effective in protecting the confidentiality of Internet users, while taking into account certain uses.

SmartBlock 2.0 [garantit] that you can still use third-party Facebook login buttons to log into websites, while providing strong defenses against site-to-site tracking ”, Is it thus explained. Clearly, third party cookies from Facebook are blocked to avoid tracking, but are loaded in the event that the request is made to use the button “Connect with Facebook”.

These are the main changes appearing in the patch notes – other elements to note, but which are of less importance, like the exception handling of the HTTPS-Only mode which is done in a specific section of the settings. Details are available at this address. Firefox 90 also fixes ten security vulnerabilities, six of which are classified as serious.

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