Worldwide Webb’s metaverse looks a lot like a SNES game

A metaverse that looks like a social game

If we should blame anyone for what was a simple social game becoming a new leg of the metaverse, it is Facebook, with Mark Zuckerberg at the helm, who it seems to have gone the shot by the butt thinking that everyone would wait to see what was the interpretation of that digital universe in which they are working. Since I mentioned that word (damn) at the end of last year, dozens of companies have thrown their hats in the towel by offering their own alternatives.

And Worldwide Webb is one of them, which has decided, to touch the little gamer heart of a whole generation that grew up with the video games of the 90s and now has a little money to spend in their pocket, which that parallel world would look like the image and likeness of a Zeldaa Final Fantasy or any RPG development of those times with that aspect pixel-perfect so characteristic.

Buy your plot in a 16-bit paradise

Worldwide Webb is a metaverse that is very similar to what has been a multiplayer persistent world video game of all life, where our character interacts with other inhabitants of that world while aspire to buy NFT of properties, items and avatars that we can acquire with cryptocurrencies. Specifically with an Ethereum that, today and at this time, has a value of 2,246.11 euros. And we already warned you that the houses, to be built with pixels, are not cheap at all (at least for a normal pocket).

For example, you have right here below this luxury Penthouse, where we can organize parties (or whatever comes up) in the Worldwide Webb metaverse with all the friends we have in that parallel life and surprise them if we spend about 70 ETH. Does it seem little to you? Well, doing the math, that means that we will have to drop around 157,227.7 euros for your property. What comes to suppose the price of a real home in many parts of our country.

Penthouse 9025 bought for 70Ξ ($190,685.60) #JoinTheWebb

— Worldwide Webb Sales Bot (@WebbSalesBot) February 21, 2022

Not only houses, but also avatars and exclusive objects

Obviously we will have cheaper options, for just 3.4 ETH, and that you have available within the OpenSea page, in case you want to start from the bottom until you conquer the top of the food chain over the years. Needless to say all the objects that we are going to be able to acquire are themselves NFTunique and exclusive objects although, as with everything, in the end the mass production of apartments and other objects will mean that they will not differ much from one another.

If we want differentiation from other metaverse companions, and in addition to a roof to live in, Worldwide Webb also offers avatar skins exclusive (Solid Stakes, Hef Benzos, Princess Moon, etc) that will also cost us a bit, with prices ranging from just 1.5 ETH to several thousand depending on how exclusive we want to appear. The other alternative is to carry a formless body exactly the same as the others. By the way, finally we have special items, which are a kind of cards (badge) that make it easier for us to carry out certain actions within the metaverse that are also very exclusive.

Remember to break the pig to take out your savings and spend them in the metaverse. Or not?

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