You can now reserve the LG mask that purifies the air

LG already has in its catalog an advanced mask that is It is responsible for purifying all the air we inhale. Thanks to the use of HEPA filters and its ventilation system, it is capable of eliminating 97.3% of viruses and 93% of bacteria . Undoubtedly, a very necessary product in the current situation of health crisis and pandemic in which we are immersed.

The key features of the LG Puricare Air Purifying Mask

In addition to a long and eloquent name, the LG mask has some very interesting features. For example, it uses filters of the type HEPA 13 , which have a filtering capacity of one month with a daily use of 10 hours, and some of its Materials are used for medical purposes. On the other hand, it has a design especially focused on comfort . Therefore, it adjusts to the face of each user perfectly, thus avoiding constant manipulation with the hands.

In relation to comfort and convenience of use, also It is important that we tell you that it only weighs 126 grams . Also, its construction prevents the formation of mist on the glasses. And finally, it can be adjusted using the straps behind the head, eliminating the need to use the ears. Obviously, we are facing a perfected and technological version of traditional masks.

This is how the LG mask works

The operation and use of this new product from LG is very similar to what we all know. It is recharged via USB and it takes two hours to fully charge the battery. This battery is the one in charge of activating the fans, which can be regulated with a three-speed selector. They are in charge of introducing clean air into the cavity of the mask.

The autonomy reaches about 8 hours . Typically, your ventilation system will be in operation for an entire workday. However, in most cases, it will be difficult for the battery to be completely drained in a single day. The filters used in the air purification system are replaceable in order to always maintain maximum hygiene.

Now you can get the LG Puricare Air Purifying Mask, along with all its recmbios, on the LG website. Its price in Spain is 150 euros .

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