You do not notice this on your electricity bill and you are paying more

Paying less is not only saving on the consumption of household appliances, such as turning on the air less or raising the refrigerator one degree. Saving is also controlling what you are paying and what rate you have contracted. There you can find possible changes that can help you spend less.

What to look at on the electricity bill

not all electric rates they are the same, far from it. You could have one that perfectly fits what you need, but also have another one that you pay a lot more for and you could be saving. It may even be good for you when you hired it, but now it is not the best option.

Required power

The first thing you should look at is how much power you really need. The invoice shows how much you have needed in the last year. Perhaps you have contracted more power than what you have demanded, so you will be paying more. In addition, it is divided into valley and peak period.

For example, you could have contracted 5.75 kW of power, but see that you have not really needed more than 4 kW. Therefore, you are paying for 1.75 kW that you do not need and that can mean a few euros more each month on the electricity bill. You could save that money simply by adjusting the contracted power.

time discrimination

It is also important that you look at whether or not you have time discrimination. This means that you are going to pay the same regardless of the time you consume energy, or that you are going to pay depending on the time slot. You may be interested in having or not time discrimination, since that will depend on each case.

Therefore, what you can do is analyze whether in your case it is convenient for you to switch to hourly discrimination or, if you already have it, switch to single pricing regardless of the time of day. Analyzing your particular case well will help you pay less each month and, once again, save money.

Insurance and supplements

You might hire someone sure or even accessories in your fee. You may not currently be interested in it and you don’t really need them. Look at what you have contracted, it is a good idea to determine if you can eliminate something and thus spend less each month on the electricity bill.

You can also see this on your invoice. Everything you pay each month will be broken down there and you will be able to check how much each thing is, what you can eliminate to spend less, etc. You should check everything very well.

As you can see, you can save on your electricity bill if you analyze it in detail. Making some changes can come in handy to spend less. Also, if you use home automation you can take advantage of smart appliances to save electricity. Of course, you need the router to work correctly.

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