If you make these changes to your router, your home WiFi will be even worse

Changes in the router that affect the connection

If you are looking for a wireless connection to work well, having good coverage to connect devices from different places, it is essential not to make mistakes. Sometimes some small changes can make the Wi-Fi network go better or worse and it is essential to avoid problems.

Put some device nearby

Something that can affect your wireless signal is if you put something near the router. For example, an appliance such as a television, microwave or any similar device. Especially those that work on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz can cause interference problems.

Ideally, you should avoid putting things near the router. The more isolated you are, the better. Do not cover it with anything, or put materials around it that can make a screen. The objective is that the signal travels as well as possible to the different places in the house.

Use any repeater

You may decide to install a WIFI repeater to improve the wireless signal. It is true that these devices can be interesting to connect without cables and without annoying interruptions, but sometimes it can be even worse and make your Wi-Fi start to work slower.

This happens when we use any device. It is essential that you choose one with guarantees, that it provides correct operation and does not have problems. It is essential to know how a Wi-Fi amplifier works and in this way choose which one best suits what we need and if it is really going to help us or not.

Connect too many devices

Another change is simply connecting too many devices to the router. Think about home automation and how every time we have more connected devices to network. For example, a television, smart plugs, Wi-Fi light bulbs… All this can cause the network to become saturated and have problems.

This is especially going to happen if you have an old router. They have less capacity to be able to support multiple connections at the same time. As soon as we start connecting devices, we could see that the signal weakens or notice that the speed decreases.

Did you touch something in the settings?

Make adjustments to the setting of the router can help to obtain certain improvements. However, we can also make mistakes and the opposite happens and see that the wireless network is worse. For example, having touched the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in the configuration, changing the channel, etc.

Our advice is to always be careful when you are going to change something in the configuration of the router. Make sure you are making changes that are really going to bring something positive and don’t make mistakes.

In short, as you see these changes or adjustments that you can make to your router and connection could affect the wireless network. It is important that you be careful, that you always review everything very well and be attentive to possible improvements that can help you.

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