You have pending travel to Mars, and you know it

After having done everything on the surface of the Moon, it seems that studies are beginning to feel attracted to the next frontier that man is going to tackle, which is none other than that of set foot on the so-called red planet, a place to which we can all travel thanks to the latest work by KeokeN Interactive, which has seen a small vein that you already have available through Deliver Us Mars.

take things easy

It must be remembered that this same study already came from traveling to the Moon in its 2018 game Deliver Us The Moon, which had rather limited success, but success nonetheless, which has allowed him to continue betting for what they believe is a series that may have its space in the future. You just have to change the scenery, choose a new planet, and take us there to live adventures as humans belonging to an interplanetary species.

Already then his vocation of not doing too many strange things, of create calm games, of those in which nothing bothers us (it only scares us) and where it is not necessary to go armed through life to get rid of any danger. Everything would revolve around the very experience of traveling into space, colonizing a new land, immersing ourselves in a short story, solving small puzzles and overcoming obstacles that appear. And in Deliver Us Marsthat is just what we are going to find.

So things, you already have this AA available and unlike Deliver US The Moon, We will no longer have to wait for it to arrive for consoles or PC later. All the alternatives are already available in stores, digital above all: Windows, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Xbox One. Only Nintendo Switch is left out of this launch, for obvious reasons.

Deliver Us Mars.

What do you have to do?

In Deliver Us Mars We are not going to say that we are facing a walk through the countryside but almost. Do not worry because there are no weapons or ammunition to manage on a large scale and we simply have to face the puzzles and situations that are presented to us and that have to do with using logic, solving puzzles and immersing ourselves in a story where the main characters they must recover some missing ARCA ships at the hands of the so-called Outward.

That is why the game, apart from its most narrative part, takes us by the hand through situations that we must solve to open a door or to follow the path avoiding the threats that appear little by little. Everything, within some really beautiful settings, which perfectly capture the Martian landscapes (as we have been seeing them in recent years) and which are undoubtedly the best of a title where some aspects limp a bit.

Which is it? Well, especially the characters, whose graphic aspect does not seem to match the quality of the rest and who, as someone rightly said, They seem taken from other generations of consoles. Even so, we already told you that Deliver Us Mars It is designed for a calm public, who takes things easy, who enjoys every step on Mars in the game and who is not too demanding when it comes to technology. Oh!, and that he likes the narrative.

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