You should avoid these types of files in the cloud if you don’t want to get infected

Using the cloud is very common. There are many services on the Internet, such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. There are many more. However, not all of them are safe. Sometimes we can have problems and see that our data or files are compromised on the network. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about what kind of files you should not upload to the cloud if you don’t want to have problems in the future.

Dangerous files to upload to the cloud

The first thing we have to say is that the cloud is safe. We can upload files of all kinds, share them with third parties and have them there always available and, on paper, we shouldn’t have any problems. But of course they can always. arise vulnerabilities and bugs expose everything. For example, an attacker could steal our password and have access to that platform in the cloud or that the service we use has some vulnerability and everything is exposed.

Especially if you are going to use cloud services that are not that reliable, you should avoid hosting sensitive content, which may compromise your security and privacy. Even if you use them for specific moments, such as uploading large files, such as a Linux distribution that you have downloaded, you should not host documents that are really important.

These are some types of files that you should avoid hosting in the cloud and not have problems:

  • Personal information: The first thing to mention is that it is not a good idea to host content that may be unprotected and contains personal information. This data can be used against us to launch computer attacks, for example. Avoid uploading documents that have data on the place of residence, DNI, etc.
  • Data that compromises third parties: You should also avoid uploading files that could compromise third parties. For example text files that have personal information of other people, such as co-workers or university.
  • Confidential information: Of course, it’s a bad idea to upload files that have sensitive information. Here we can mention, for example, a product under development for a company. If an intruder manages to access that content, it could put all the work you’ve done at risk.
  • editable files: also, it is a bad idea to upload documents and files that can be editable. For example, an intruder uses it to impersonate your identity. They can be photographs, videos, documents that include data about your work, etc. Someone could just modify them.

Tips for creating cloud backups

How to upload content safely

So what should we do to upload content and even create copies safely in the cloud? The first thing is that you must take into account the importance of using warranty services. Avoid using platforms that are not reliable, that do not offer encryption or security measures. For example you can use Google Drive or Dropbox which are very popular and reliable.

Also, as an additional measure you can have the option of upload encrypted files. There are many tools to encrypt files and keep them safe in the cloud. In the event that an intruder manages to access, they will not be able to read that content that you have stored since they would have to decrypt it.

Another tip is to always use official apps. Avoid programs that are on non-legitimate sites, that may have been maliciously modified. It is essential to have only official, safe, guaranteed software. This will prevent many problems.

In short, using the cloud is something common but it should be done with total security. Avoid uploading content that could compromise your privacy and, if you have to, take steps to minimize the risk of problems. This will help you keep your systems protected at all times and that your data is not compromised.

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