You should check this in your fridge so as not to waste energy and save on the bill

What to check in the fridge to save light

The fridge We can say that it is one of the most consumed household appliances. It can even be 30% in some cases. For this reason, carrying out good maintenance and seeing that everything is fine is key to trying to reduce this consumption and being able to pay less on the electricity bill.

Defrost the freezer every so often

This is an important point if you want the freezer works perfectly and don’t start consuming more electricity as time goes by. It is logical that ice sheets begin to form and sometimes they can be too thick, which will cause you to have to consume more resources.

There is no exact time to decide to defrost the freezer, but do it periodically. Some experts say that the ideal is once every 6 months, others that you have to do it at least once a year. But this may depend on each case. The ideal is to avoid ice sheets of more than half a centimeter from forming. At that point is when it’s time to defrost.

Clean the fridge well every year

It is also important that clean the fridge every year. We are not just talking about the inside, where you put the food, but the back, the grilles that serve to dissipate the heat caused by the appliance when it works. It is important that it does not accumulate excessive dust or dirt that could hinder proper functioning.

This is something that we must do with any device. Just as a laptop can collect dust and make the fan work worse and overheat, for example, the same happens with the fridge and other appliances.

Maintain refrigerator temperature

Check that there are no leaks

Of course it is essential that there is no leakage. It is not normal for this to happen, but it can happen if you have an older refrigerator or for some reason it is deteriorated. It’s as simple as checking that everything is fine and there are no leaks that could cause consumption without you noticing.

Any small leak can cause you to spend more electricity. It is something like if you put the heating on at home and there is a small leak in the window through which cold air enters. We would be wasting energy.

Check that there is nothing that increases the temperature

Another factor to take into account is that there is nothing that can be increasing the temperature. What can happen? For example, it is not a good idea to have the fridge near the oven or any appliance that gives off heat. That will make the fridge have to consume more resources to lower the temperature.

You shouldn’t put it too close to furniture or the wall either. This would cause the heat it generates to bounce back. The more space you have, the better to avoid consuming more electricity than necessary. You can always use a smart plug to see the consumption in real time, although it is convenient to control the bandwidth and see that there are no problems.

Check the temperature at which it is

The temperature is another key factor. Each degree is going to make you consume more. You can check that you do not have a temperature that is too low and check that it always remains stable. This is important to save energy, but also to verify that everything works correctly.

In the case of the refrigerator, the ideal is for it to be at 5-6 degrees. You really don’t need it to be less. As for the freezer, in this case it should be around -18 degrees. You also don’t need to lower the temperature any further.

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