Playing online over WiFi will bring you problems, except if you do this

Normally connecting wirelessly can bring more problems than doing it by cable. At least it is more frequent that there is loss of speed, cuts and instability. But when it comes to To play onlineit is even more important to have a good connection and therefore it is not recommended to do it by Wifi. Not unless you have a network as we are going to explain, where you would have an acceptable connection to play online without problems.

Do not play online over Wi-Fi except on the 6 GHz band

To play online and to do it correctly, it is necessary to have a good internet speed but also a low latency. If the ping is too high, that can mean that we can’t get into a game, crashes, and crashes in general. This especially happens when we connect to a Wi-Fi network that has a low signal or is very saturated.

Therefore, to play online, the ideal is to do it by cable. If you are going to connect your computer to the network to play, it is better to avoid Wi-Fi. Now, there is an exception and that is if you connect to the 6 GHz band. It is the one that comes with the Wi-Fi 6E protocol. Why in this case nothing happens if you play over Wi-Fi? It is an interference-free band. You can always see if your mobile is compatible with 6 GHz.

If you use the 2.4 GHz band, it is much more frequent that you have interference. After all, any device that uses Bluetooth or even a microwave will work in a close band. There can also be interference and problems, although less, in the 5 GHz band. But that does not happen in the 6 GHz band.

The problem is that not all routers are compatible with Wi-Fi 6E. Neither are all computers. In fact, it is something that nowadays we do not see frequently unless you have bought a newer device. But if that is your case, you can play online wirelessly with more guarantees.

Play by cable, the most stable option

But if you’re looking stability, have a good speed and avoid any cut, without a doubt playing on cable is the best you can do. You can connect your game console or computer via Ethernet cable. Even if you have both options, whenever you can, it is better to choose the cable and you will have fewer problems.

Keep in mind that over Wi-Fi it is more frequent that you have speed problems. Shortly after you move away from the router you can start having problems reaching maximum speed, while by cable it does not matter if you go far away, as long as you have the installation made to be able to navigate wired.

You should also take into account the security. Wi-Fi networks are always going to have more risks, especially when you connect in public places such as an airport or shopping center. There it is vital to encrypt the connection and prevent the data from ending up in the wrong hands. To do this, using a VPN is a good solution, but when you connect through these programs the network will slow down and you will have problems playing. By cable that will not happen since you do not need to use VPN.

In short, as you can see whenever you can, it is better to avoid playing online over Wi-Fi. As far as possible, it is best that you connect by network cable. This way you will have more stability and fewer speed problems.

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