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Having a good antivirus is essential to maintain the security of a computer, mobile or any device. There are many options, both free and paid. However, sometimes problems can arise. Especially there is something that happens quite often: false positives. Basically it is when the security program detects something as dangerous, but in reality it is not. Something like that happened to him. windows anti virus and has caused it to send alerts.

Windows antivirus mistakenly detects URLs as malicious

He windows antivirus problem is that it is marking legitimate, safe links as malicious. This has caused many users to receive numerous warning emails, indicating that there is a security threat. This error has occurred recently, a few hours ago, and Microsoft has said that it is due to a series of security implementations that they have made and has caused false positives.

Does this mean that we are in danger of security? Not at all. It is simply a bug that can make us believe that we have clicked on a dangerous link and it really isn’t. A false positive, which has no effect on security, beyond the false threat that can scare us.

From Microsoft they have indicated that they are working to see what could have caused this problem and fix it as soon as possible. They indicate that the bug simply marks web page links as insecure, when there is really no risk. In addition, they indicate that some alerts do not display the content correctly.

This problem does not affect the time of open a url. That is, even if the alert appears that we are entering a dangerous site, it does not really block our access. However, they need to perform tests to determine exactly what is causing the service to identify those URLs as dangerous.

Admins are the most likely to receive alert messages, as indicated by the Microsoft 365 admin center portal. The messages, rated as a high severity alert, indicate that a potentially malicious link has been clicked.

The antivirus should not be the only protection

Beyond this specific error that affects Windows Defender, it is important to remember that the antivirus is essential for the security. However, it should not be the only protection. It is essential to take other measures to prevent computer attacks that may affect security and privacy.

For example, it is key common sense. Avoiding making mistakes can protect you from Phishing attacks and other threats. You should not install unofficial programs or click on links that may be fraudulent. That will protect your passwords and avoid many problems that affect you in your day to day.

Another essential point is to have All updated. This will help you correct problems that could put you at risk. You must install the operating system, the programs you install, and any software you have. There are many vulnerabilities that can exist in the network and it is convenient to correct them.

In short, as you can see, the Windows antivirus has a specific problem and it is possible that you receive a warning that you have clicked on a dangerous link. It is actually a false positive. Having everything protected will help you avoid network errors in Windows that may appear.

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