You will want to have some Walkie-Talkie after seeing these from Xiaomi

Can a product that pulls 4G network when do you lose coverage? Xiaomi’s new ‘walkie’ bets everything on the connectivity. While in Europe, many of us believe that these products are only used in very few cases – police forces, firefighters, security agents and the occasional child playing spy – the same is not true in China. And it is that this new Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 is prepared to be a complete success in its native country.

The Walkie Talkie continues to give a lot to talk about in 2022

The Walkie-Talkie has been around for over 100 years, and was developed, like almost everything else we know, for military use. The traditional Walkie-Talkie works like a half-duplex channel radio. The grace of this invention is that it allows you to start a conversation instantly, as long as one or more of the network components are not saturating the channel.

It is not known how many lives this little invention has saved, but since its inception, it has had its problems. For example, when used for security in large buildings, it is necessary to place repeaters just like we do with Wi-Fi networks. Gradually, Walkie-Talkie technology has become more and more like that of mobile phones, integrating more advanced connectivitylike 4G.

This is the new Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3

And that is just what we have in this new Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3, which is made compatible with 4G networks to expand its reach. In fact, the device is fully compatible with the Full Netcom 4G networks, which are the most widespread in China. This allows this walkie to be able to communicate at a maximum distance of 5000 kilometers. Come on, from end to end of the country and without losing sound quality.

This Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 has various connection modes. It allows to configure so that all the devices communicate to only one, as well as vice versa. It also allows the bidirectional mode of a lifetime, as well as has support for creating workgroups very easily. The operator working with large templates will be able to set up small groups almost effortlessly, without having to access advanced settings. In addition, Xiaomi has put a lot of effort to make simplicity prevail in these new devices. In fact, these new terminals support updates via OTA (over the air), so it is expected that many of its functionalities will be improved in the future via software.

Regarding the rest of the specifications, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 have their own system of Noise Cancellation. It also increases its volume up to 30% compared to the previous generation. The battery It has a capacity of 3,000 mAh and can last up to 100 hours in standby, while it can work without interruption during 60 hours. The battery is recharged with a USB-C cable.

Finally, the terminal has a small two-inch color screen. There will be no problem if it gets wet, because it has a IP56 certified. It can also be used with Bluetooth headsets and placed in any pocket using the integrated clip. Regarding the price, each unit will be sold at 399 yuan, about 55 euros to change.

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