Your iPhone will read the messages with the voice of your contacts

That the iPhone is the flagship product for Apple It is something that does not admit much discussion. It is the best-selling device, the one that has given the company the most prestige and, furthermore, the one that for many users has acted as a gateway to the complete ecosystem of Cupertino products and services. If the iPod served, at the time, for (practically) everyone to like the brand, the iPhone was responsible for converting many of those who had not yet taken the plunge until then into customers.

Apple knows, therefore, that it must maintain a constant effort to ensure that the iPhone continues to stand out in one way or another in a market as competitive as that of smartphones. The competition is fiercer every day, the high-end offers models that continue to grow in attractiveness and, consequently, any perception that the company is resting on its laurels and that its phone shows that relaxation can have devastating effects on the image and company accounts.

This explains why it is so common know that Apple has registered new patents related to the iPhone, serving the most diverse purposes. Therefore, it is true that not all of them are put into practice. Whether it’s because they don’t quite work well, because they don’t fit with the philosophy of the product, or for whatever reason, we know that Apple Park’s drawers are full of surprising ideas… for better, for worse, or even, in some cases, the wrong ones. two things at a time.

Your iPhone will read the messages with the voice of your contacts

Original, creative, funny, chilling, quirky… I’m sure that many people will think of one or more of these descriptions when learning about this new idea from Cupertino. And it is that, as we can read in patently Apple, Apple has patented a technology for the iPhone to read iMessages with the voice of our contacts. That is, a TTS (Text To Speech) system, but instead of using other voices, such as Siri, it will reproduce the voice of the original author of the message.

For this purpose, the sender’s iPhone must have Siri activated, since the voice assistant, during its personalized learning, “learns” the voice of its user, a key element to be able to recognize if a voice command has been issued. by himself or by third parties. Thus, with the system included in this patent, Siri could generate a voice file from the text typed by its user. Then, when the recipient receives the message, they would be offered to download only the text version or, if they prefer, also the audio version of the message.

Since we are talking about Apple, which normally takes security very seriously, I would like to think that if they finally implement this feature they will do everything necessary to confirm that the sender is who they claim to be, since otherwise a system like this can be used for identity theft and similar techniques, which can be very dangerous. Now, if the company is capable of making the system fully secure, the truth is that the proposal sounds very creative, and many iPhone users may like it.

What do you think? Would you like your phone to have a feature like this?

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