✔ Opinions of the Samsung Galaxy M51, is it worth it? [2021]

Tired of your mobile running out of battery at the end of the day? If you are looking for a mobile with a massive battery capable of withstanding one and up to two days of intensive use without problems, you have to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy M51. This phone stands out, above all, for the huge 7,000 milliamp battery with which it is reinforced. But what about the rest of the features? Is it worth buying this mobile? Is it worth it compared to other options in the mid-range? In this article we gather the opinions of the Samsung Galaxy M51 from the most relevant users, so that you get a better idea of ​​its strengths and its problems and cons: opinions of battery , of the screen, of the camera, of the general performance…

In addition to the immense battery of 7,000 milliamps that can give you perfectly for two days of use, the features of the Samsung Galaxy M51 include a set of four cameras on the rear with a main sensor of nothing more and nothing less than 64 megapixels, 6 GB of RAM and a large Samsung Super AMOLED screen with a size of 6.7 inches, which promises us a good visual experience for videos, movies and series. The price of the Samsung Galaxy M51 stands at 390 euros, and you can find it in stores such as Amazon, Media Markt or Carrefour.

The character of this article is merely informative. TechUnwrapped.comis only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it stands out from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations made to the company regarding its services and / or after-sales service.

The Samsung mobile with 7,000 mAh battery can now be purchased in Spain

Galaxy M51 2021 reviews: pros, cons and problems

In the absence of a review with analysis of characteristics, a simple search on the Internet can help you form a opinion of the Samsung Galaxy M51 . We have gathered the most relevant reviews from platforms such as Amazon or Samsung’s own store. These are opinions of real users who have bought the mobile. Although the general rating is very good, with 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, knowing these reviews helps to get a more concrete idea of ​​the strengths of the mobile and also of its possible failures or weaknesses.

Positive user reviews of the Galaxy M51

We read on Amazon:

«I have gone from having an iPhone that had to charge three times a day to this mobile that lasts three days without charging, and that for me has been a huge change. The features are very good, the options are much less cluttered than those of the iPhone (I can put different font styles, infinite tones, etc.) and it works perfectly (today….) I think the value for money is exceptional. ”

«I bought the smartphone for Prime Day and it cost € 299, The most notable of the smartphone is its monstrous battery that lasts for 2 and a half days with very intensive use (6 hours a day), the processor is powerful for any current game, 128GB storage perfect to download whatever you want, 6GB of ram, the screen is Look great at day, night or wherever you are and the camera is very good, those 64 mpx are noticeable.

I do not know if I left something but the truth is that I have nothing bad to say about the device. »

« I bought this phone to give to my wife, I set it up and tested it and I can ensure there is very little difference with my Sa Samsung S20 plus, the battery lasts more than three times what mine. The only thing a little better is the camera of the S20 but I have to put it in energy saving otherwise it does not get up to date by getting benefits such as the refresh rate of 120 hz. Knowing this, I would never pay the difference. »

Opinions of the Samsung M51 with problems and failures in 2021

We read on Amazon:

«I returned it as soon as I arrived so I cannot comment on its performance and battery, but I can comment on the first impressions. My fault for not taking a good look at the dimensions before buying.

The mobile, width fits perfectly in the hand but height is a beast, it is too big to carry it in your pocket. Although I must say in its favor that the software is optimized so that everything is in the lower part of the screen where you can reach with your thumb, even so, it has been impossible for me to use it safely with one hand, for a woman who has the Smaller hands will be even worse.

The battery also makes it quite a heavy mobile if I compare it with my old Xperia XA2, although not as much as expected if we compare it with others of the same dimensions. The truth is quite accomplished.

I took a couple of photos and videos to test, because it was the main reason I bought this mobile, I must say that it has a very good video quality for what it costs . And the selfie camera makes a thousand turns to that of any Xiaomi. The main camera gives correct results, without further ado, it cannot compete with the optimization and correction of an iPhone or some Xiaomi but it is very good for what it costs. Much better than most emerging Chinese brands that have a good camera on paper but then return mediocre results. Samsung quality, it shows.

So the summary is this. If you are not willing to go with a bag to carry the brick, do not buy it, you will not like it. If you are looking for a good quality / price ratio for entertainment and do not mind that it is large, it is a great option, it serves as a phone, as a camera and as a tablet.

The experience with Amazon both shipping and return is a delight, so a 5 stars for them. »

« It shows which carries, it was about time, a real processor and not one from Samsung. For the rest, it gives what is expected of it, perhaps the battery is a little shorter than expected, I read I suppose it will be a matter of starting to block Samsung apps. Still you have for the whole day with very very intense use. The camera might be a bit better for the price of a 4a pixel, but it’s okay to muddle through. »

«Mobile in general enough for its price, fast and its super battery, but what most caught my attention is the poor sound quality it has, it sounds loud but totally buzzing.»

We read in Samsung:

«I have only been using this device for a few days, so far very good. Two days giving it a go to set it up and on the third day I still have 25 percent battery power. Although it is good value for money, I hope it will drop in price, as it will surely happen. There are other brands that comply in a similar way and at a lower price. »

Samsung Reviews Galaxy M51 and negative opinions of 2021

We read on Amazon:

«It is quite a brick of mobile because of what it weighs, it is not easy to find nice covers for it. Being so big it is not comfortable to put it in a pocket. What is worth it is its battery, it lasts more than 3 days using it a lot. »

«Terminal in plastic finish, little concealed; with a great battery, good RAM, and a decent processor. It would have been the almost perfect mid-range mobile … but it doesn’t have 5G. It is therefore a terminal with an expiration date. If you are one of those who buy terminals every two years, it’s worth it. If, like me, you use the same mobile until it bursts, it doesn’t compensate you. For this price you can find mobile phones of similar or higher quality with 5 G. Impressive shit from Samsung. »

Data sheet

Camera takes selfies

Samsung Galaxy M51
Screen Panel with 6.7-inch Super AMOLED technology with Full HD + resolution
Main Camera – 64 megapixel main sensor and focal aperture f / 1.8

– Secondary sensor with wide angle, 12 megapixels and focal aperture f / 2.2

– Tertiary sensor with macro lens, 5 megapixels and focal aperture f / 2.4

– 5 megapixel depth sensor and f / 2.4 focal aperture
32 megapixel main sensor
Internal memory 128 GB
Extension Yes, via micro SD with up to 512 GB
Processor and RAM Eight cores, 6 GB RAM
Battery 7,000 mAh with 25 W fast charge
Operating system Android 10 under Samsung One UI 2.1
Connections 4G LTE, USB Type C 2.0, NFC for mobile payments, GPS GLONASS and Beidou, headphone jack…
SIM Dual nano SIM
Design Polycarbonate, black and white colors
Dimensions 163 x 78 x 8.5 millimeters and 213 grams of weight
Featured Features Fingerprint reader on the side, connector headphone, NFC for mobile payments, 25W fast charge
Release dateAvailable
Price 390 euros

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