1 billion smartphones threatened, the Android Auto app condemned, this is the recap

A company specializing in computer security lists 10 malware capable of infecting more than 600 applications on Android and stealing data from more than a billion smartphones. Google will soon close the Android Auto app in favor of Assistant. And Sega announces the Megadrive Mini 2 for the end of 2022. This is the recap of June 3, 2022.

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On the night of June 2 to 3, Sony’s last State of Play took place. During this session, of which you can find a complete summary in our columns, Sony, its studios and third-party publishers had the opportunity to communicate on their games in progress. Resident Evil Village and Horizon Call of the Mountain are announced for PSVR2. Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming to PC in August in a remastered version. Or Final Fantasy XVI whose trailer reveals a new gameplay on chimeras (also called invocations). But the news of June 3, 2022 was not only marked by the State of Play. Here are the ones to keep in mind.

10 malware threatens to invade more than a billion smartphones

Zimperium, a company specializing in computer security, lists 10 malware that could potentially infect more thana billion smartphones. In this list are the infamous teabot and FluBot, which operate very closely. These 10 malwares are able to infect more than 600 apps some of which have more than 100 million installations. A large part of its applications are financial: banking, asset management, cryptowalletetc.

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Google will shut down its Android Auto app

Android Auto responds to several products at Google. First the vehicle operating system. It allows access to applications and content stored on your phone. And there’s Android Auto, the smartphone app which was initially used to connect the smartphone to the vehicle. But with Android 12, everything now goes through Assistant. In fact, Google believes that Android Auto is no longer relevant and will stop using it. Which is not for everyone.

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The Megadrive Mini 2 announced by Sega for the end of 2022

This is the good news of June for retrogamers: Sega will produce a new Megadrive Mini, three years after the first generation. It will arrive in Japan on October 27 in Japan and certainly a little later in the West. About fifty games will be preinstalled in the machine (compared to about forty for the first edition) and, the height of happiness, some of them will come from the catalog of the excellent Mega-CDs. Restricted catalogue, certainly, but oh so qualitative! Part of the list has already been revealed. And there are pearls!

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