13 apps generated more than $ 1 billion in 2021

There are always more applications on the stores, but not all of them have the right to success and wealth.

Making an application is a complex and expensive process. You have to know how to respect certain rules in order to find a place in the App Store or the Play Store. According to the latest report from the company Annie App, 2 million new apps were released in 2021, bringing the total available apps to above 21 million.

Never has the App Store or the Play store been so extensive, never have so many applications struggled to attract our attention. But unfortunately for small developers, the revenue sharing is very uneven.

233 apps above $ 100 million

Indeed, if the App Store generated more than 70 billion dollars in 2021, everyone is not in the same boat. The report explains that only 233 apps have managed to break above the $ 100 million revenue mark, and only 13 of them have raised more than $ 1 billion in the past 12 months.

While the report doesn’t give an exact list of the apps that performed the best this year, some names come to mind. First of all, the social network Tik Tok is one of the most logical contenders. The most popular application in 2021, ByteDance’s service never ceases to amaze, and this, despite a complicated year with a possible ban from the USA, the firm has held firm and beats its download record set in 2020.

For the rest of this list of 13 billionaires, the Annie App report goes on to talk about mobile games, which are known to be hugely profitable apps. The Genshin Impact game, for example, is on the list. The report explains in fact that graphic and technological advances now make it possible to have sensations similar to those on consoles, which makes mobile games even more popular.

Growth still on the rise since the start of the pandemic

The report also notes that more simplistic games like Bridge Race or Hair Challenge saw a peak in popularity in 2021. As far as users are concerned, the French would have spent more than four hours on their mobile applications, which is less than the Brazilians, Indonesians and Americans who are at the top of the ranking.

Finally, with regard to in-app purchases, the report explains that they have grown by 30% in the United States compared to 2020. A year that had already exploded all records because of the pandemic. On Uncle Sam’s home, users have spent over $ 43 billion on apps of all kinds.

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