16-year-old boy shoots schoolmate in the face; I used to play a violent virtual reality video game

Jacob Talbot-Lummis 16-year-old was arrested after shoot a shotgun in the face of one of his teammates from school on his first day back to school in the city of Ipswich, UK. Before committing the attack, Jacob was playing Blood Trail, the virtual reality video game most violent there is, according to specialized portals.

During his trial, Jacob argued that only he wanted to scare his 15 year old partner, a situation that was rejected by the jury. After hours of being in the virtual reality video game, Jacob set up the ambush and waited inside his father’s car for more than an hour until his victim appeared as he was walking to school.

The Ipswich Court reported that upon hearing Jacob’s statement it observed that showed no sign of mercy as he “ruthlessly executed a plan to attack the 15-year-old boy,” according to information from the Daily Mail.

Since September 7, 2020, Ipswich had restrictions on returning to face-to-face classes by the Covid-19 pandemic, so during this time the boys were inside their homes with measures of total confinement.

They convict Jacob and sentence him

According to Jacob, he decided to attack his partner to scare him because according to him, I had humiliated and scared him before he could “take revenge.” He noted that his attempt to scare him got out of hand when he accidentally fired the gun.

This Monday his hearing was held where after analyzing all the details of the case, the jury determined Jacob’s guilt in his attempted murder of his partner whose identity was not revealed.

Jacob was sentenced to stay in prison for 24 years. And although the victim survived the attack, he still faces “unimaginably serious” injuries after being shot by a shotgun.

An acquaintance of Jacob told the jury that he loved to play the hyper-realistic video game Blood Trail and the consequence was that he started a gun obsession and taste for living fantasies full of violence.

With information from Daily Mail.


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