1Password announces version 8 with a redesigned graphical interface

1Password 8

The popular password manager 1Password in its next version will receive a major update that includes a face lift. The company behind the app has announced that 1Password 8 for macOS will bring a redesigned interface plus other new features.

The new interface has a modern look and is more consistent with the design language of the latest versions of macOS. The sidebar shows us the vaults and the favorite elements of the user. Categories have been moved to the top of the item list with a drop-down filter.

1Password 8

Regarding the news that we are going to find in 1Password 8, we found a new indicator will make it easier to see which vaults are personal or shared, users will receive a message showing who has access to an item when using 1Password’s drag and drop between vaults.

The search for the app has also been revamped as it will display a detailed graph with the password status of each user. This will make it easier to find and change passwords saved in the app. By editing an individual item in 1Password 8, users will find a new password generator, smart suggestions, and easier attachments

1Password 8

Mac users will also get a full integration with web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 1Password will quickly display password suggestions and payment information.

This new version it’s much faster in everything from unlocking to adding accounts to searching for items, especially when combined with native Apple Silicon support and all the speed improvements that come with it.

This new version is in beta and will not hit the market until September at the earliest, but if you are users of this application already you can try it through the Early Access program.

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