2 leaked trailers from Samsung China show possible features of the Galaxy S23

The last details that we have known of the Samsung Galaxy S23 They come from two trailers (1 and 2) published by the Chinese subsidiary of the South Korean giant. Through them you can learn about some features and improvements such as a camera sensor with a higher resolution or improved support for taking pictures in low light situations. The line of smartphones would be officially announced on February 1st in what would be the company’s first in-person event since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In both trailers show a triple camera setup at the rear, so it could be the standard model or the Galaxy S23 Plus, since the Ultra aims to have an additional periscope lens. The presumed base configuration of the triple rear camera would be made up of a main one, another wide angle and a last telephoto lens. One of the trailers features phrases like “comes with amazing resolution” and “megapixels that will make you say wow”, while the other features phrases like “awesome night shots are coming” and “made to see the light of Moon”. Not very technical things really, but they hint at the clear possible characteristics and in the end what Samsung is interested in is selling.

the samsung Galaxy S23 Ultrathe model that aims to be the highest of the entire line, will probably have a 200 megapixel rear main sensorwhich would be accompanied by the other improvements already mentioned in this entry.

For the rest, the rumored specifications are maintained to this day, among which the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 stands out as the only processor for the entire line. This means that, if the rumors come true, there will be no model with SoC Exynos, which have not been able to fully meet the demands of consumers.

On a design level, the standard and Plus models of the Galaxy S23 line could ditch the camera bumps if leaking renders are to be believed, while the Ultra model would be more conservative compared to the previous generation. from the same device (Galaxy S22 Ultra). As always, it is best to remain cautious until the official announcement, at which time we will finally have all the real details.

We will see if the Samsung Galaxy S23 line and the OnePlus 11 represent real competition for an iPhone increasingly established as the great benchmark among top-of-the-range smartphones, and it is that Apple has managed to fertilize the ground better than anyone thanks to the great value of its brand and the exclusivity that its products represent compared to those of the competition.

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