The new Call of Duty 2023 already (almost) has a presentation date

Life in Al Mazrah goes on, but everything is about to change with the next event that Activision has scheduled for the Warzone season finale. And it is that like every year, on this date the presentation of the new Call of Duty is prepared, and that is just what is going to happen with the Modern Warfare III presentation.

When is the new Call of Duty announced?

Activision has not wanted to mess around with distractions, and has been quite clear. The closing of the warzone season 5 will serve to give life to a special event that will reveal Call of Duty 2023. That is, for now, the name that the company has designated for its next title, however, as we will see below, the name is more than chosen, and it will continue to maintain the current nomenclature.

That is to say, The new Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare III, and we have the confirmation in the filtered logo that has been seen thanks to an advance promotion of an energy drink. In the image, Captain Price can be seen under the title logo, and in the background it is said that Makarov could appear, thus confirming that we will continue in the same vein as until now.

Regarding the presentation date, there is still no stipulated day, but you would only have to do the math to calculate the end of this season 5 of Warzone. Taking this into account, and that the new season will start on August 2, it is normal for the event to take place at mid septemberso it will be around those dates when we finally know the details of the new installment.

Continuing in Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Season 5

Taking these two details into account, everything indicates that the time line will remain the same as the current one, so it may even be that the lore of Warzone quite accompanies the story. And it is that it will be there in this new event where the outcome is unleashed, and everything indicates that the mission will be none other than to capture the missile silos that are hidden in Al Mazrah. What’s more, there are rumors that there is a bunker under the Observatory, and that is where we have to act.

What we expect from the new Call of Duty

The new installment of Activision might not be as bombshell as that of other years. Let’s remember that at first it was rumored that we were not going to have a new game in favor of continuing to extend seasons and conscientiously preparing a team to develop a deeper game, but for now it seems that this will not be the case. It is for this reason that this new installment could be more continuous and not so generational, although to confirm it we will have to wait for the official information to find out for sure.

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Activision is gearing up for an exciting reveal during the Warzone season finale. The decision to stick with the Modern Warfare series, naming it Modern Warfare III, suggests a commitment to the franchise’s successful formula. While the exact presentation date remains uncertain, mid-September seems like a reasonable estimate, aligning with the end of Warzone Season 5. This continuity in the timeline hints at a seamless integration of the new installment with the existing lore, promising an engaging narrative for players. While some speculated a departure from the yearly release cycle, it appears that the tradition will persist, albeit with potential refinements. As we eagerly await more details, the gaming community is poised for another thrilling Call of Duty experience.

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