Downloading Office files is safer than ever

When downloading any file from the Internet we can have security problems. If we don’t download it from reliable sites, if we don’t download official programs, we could be facing a virus or any threat that puts our system at risk. In this article we echo how download a Microsoft Office file It will now be safer than ever.

Microsoft makes it safer to download office files

From Microsoft they have carried out a new strategy to make it safer to download Office files. Keep in mind that just through this type of document is one of the hackers’ strategies to sneak malware. It is specifically about block macros of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

This blocking will be done by default in any downloaded file. They point out that the fact that it is default is what makes it really protect users. It will help improve the security of both home users and companies.

What this does is block potentially malicious macros from running after an Office file is downloaded and opened. This could be the gateway for hackers to steal passwords or cause system malfunctions. One more security barrier.

The VBA macro lock it will be applied by default in Word, Excel, Visio and Access files. Therefore, from now on you will be more protected when you download any document of this type. Basically, any file of this type that you download from the Internet and that contains macros, will be automatically blocked when opened.

But of course, not everything is positive: the negative point here is that all macros will be blocked and this also includes legitimate ones. In this case, they would have to be enabled manually. Now, from Microsoft they believe that it is worth it and that the balance is very positive if we take into account the security benefits.

Malware in Microsoft Office documents

Be careful when downloading files online

Beyond this novelty from Microsoft and the blocking of macros when downloading files, the truth is that you must be careful whenever you download any internet document. Cybercriminals use this type of bait to sneak in malware that can steal passwords, personal data, or negatively affect system performance.

It is part of the Phishing attacks, since it can be a Word document that we receive and they tell us that we should open it because it is important or it is necessary to solve an error. We must always maintain common sense and not make mistakes of this type that may affect us.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to have a good antivirus. Security programs will be very useful to detect and eliminate possible threats. For example Windows Defender, Avast or Bitdefender are some solutions. But it is also essential keep everything updated correctly and thus be able to correct possible vulnerabilities that appear. One more way to preserve security. Of course, you can always unlock files that are false positive in Windows.

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