35 Workers Trapped After Siberian Mine Explosion | PHOTOS

A rescue team is looking for 35 miners that were trapped underground, after the explosion in a mine in eastern Russia. The incident occurred about 250 meters below the ground, in the coal mine from Listvyazhnaya, in Siberia. The accident occurred after coal dust in the vents caught fire.

The explosion left a balance of at least 11 miners, including a 23-year-old. In addition 43 miners were rescued and some of them were injured. But 35 miners are still missing and it is feared that they are trapped deep within the mine.

Right now, 154 rescuers They try to recover the trapped workers, but the efforts have stopped in some moments, due to the threat of a new explosion. It is not clear when the search. Each team is made up of four or five seekers.

35 workers are trapped in the mine

A total of 154 rescuers have been working at the mine, checking more than 10 miles of tunnels in the mines, or about 60 percent of the total. Local authorities explained that the fire was generated by a ventilation tunnel, although it has not yet been determined whether it was the malfunction of some equipment or due to natural causes.

The governor of the region, Sergei Tsivilev said that 11 miners have died and more than 40 people are being treated in the hospital, most of them for smoke poisoning. For the moment, rescue teams were stopped, due to unstable gas levels at the mine.

For his part, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, spoke about the risks that exist, both for those who are trapped and for rescuers: “Unfortunately, the situation is not getting any easier. And there is a danger to the lives of rescuers. We hope they can save as many people as possible, “he said.


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