5 cool uses of smart light bulbs to decorate your home

Uses of Wi-Fi bulbs as decoration

Keep in mind that these light bulbs in many cases they can change color. You will even be able to link them to other devices and have them change automatically based on certain factors. It is something that you will be able to manage at all times from your own mobile phone without problems.

sunrise and sunset

An example of what you can do with smart light bulbs to decorate your home is simulate sunrise and sunset. You can program them so that they begin to illuminate at dawn and also serve as an alarm clock. You can adjust the time and also to make it turn on faster or slower.

You can do the same with the sunset. You could configure them to simulate the sunset at some time or to go at the same rate as the sun. You can configure all this in a simple way with this type of device.

Put a color based on the film

You can also choose a color for Wi-Fi bulbs based on some movie what are you going to see It has infinite options and maybe you want a certain one or one that illuminates more or less. Some may even change depending on the film, the shots, etc. Many times you can also connect them to the television.

This is useful if you want to watch a movie in a certain light, but not have very bright lighting, for example. You will always be able to regulate it and even put another color that can adapt to the type of movie you are going to see.

Link the light bulbs to the music

Of course, one thing you can do is link the smart bulbs to music what are you listening. In this way they will light up according to the rhythm of the song. You can adjust them so that they light up in certain colors or simply blink more or less as the music progresses.

This is something that will not always be available, since you will have to have compatible models. However, it is one more option that you can make to decorate your home thanks to smart light bulbs.

Attach bulbs to other devices

You can connect the bulbs to many other compatible devices. For example, you can link them to a smart doorbell you have at home. In this way, when there is a knock on the door, it will not only ring, but also some bulb that you have connected will start to blink. One more way to know that they are knocking at the door.

Without a doubt, it is a useful option to have greater control over other devices as well. You will be able to take advantage of various devices connected to the light bulbs and, as in the previous example, it will be useful to know if there is a knock at the door even if you do not hear the bell.

Create different environments

One more way to decorate your home thanks to smart light bulbs is to be able to create different environments. Maybe you want one room to have lighter lighting and another darker. You may even have a room painted one color and want the bulb to be a similar shade.

Therefore, you will be able to create different environments depending on the room or even the time of day. Here you will have a wide range of options and you can adjust it according to what interests you at all times.

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