5 daily tasks that you can automate with home automation

What tasks can you automate with home automation

The home automation o Smart housing is something that is increasingly present. It brings many positive points and we can always use it in our homes to make our lives easier and to be able to automate very different things.

Raise and lower blinds

One of the daily tasks that you can automate thanks to home automation is raise and lower blinds. Maybe in the morning, when you get up, you raise the blinds in your room every day to let in the light. Then at night you turn it down again. This is something that you can also do in any room of the house, in the office, etc.

Thanks to having a smart home, you can automate the raising and lowering of blinds. You can program them to do it every day at an hour. You can also manually activate them through your mobile phone even if you are not at home and you want the shutter to be open when you arrive.

Turn lights on and off

Something similar happens with the turning on and off of lights. Home automation allows light bulbs connect via Wi-Fi and you can control them from your mobile in a simple way. Some are even compatible with devices like Alexa and you will be able to control them by voice, without having to do anything else.

You can schedule the lights to turn on and off at a certain time. Also even some more current models have an integrated motion sensor, which allows them to turn on or off every time you enter or leave a room and thus also save energy.

Schedule appliances

Are you one of those who heats the coffee maker every morning? Thanks to home automation it is something that you will be able to automate. You can program it so that it turns on at one time each day or you can turn it on from your mobile, no matter where you are. This way you will have the coffee ready in the morning and you will be able to save time.

You can also do the same in the oven and program it to start preheating, the washing machine, etc. In many cases you will be able to use the functions of the devices, while on other occasions you will have to help yourself with a smart plug that has these types of functions.

Open or close doors

Another common task of any person in their day to day is to open or close doors. Simply the front door, every time you enter the house you will have to take the key and open it to access. But home automation can allow you to even forget the keys and you don’t have to carry them with you whenever you go out.

Smart doors allow you to open them through a numerical code, by mobile phone or even with your fingerprint, in the same way that you can log in to social networks with your mobile, for example.

Know when to buy products

We must also mention the power to forget about when to buy certain products. For example, smart dishwashers notify you when there are few tablets left. This way you can buy them or you can even automatically schedule an order to be placed when this happens.

It is undoubtedly something that helps save time, we gain in comfort and it is very useful. Something similar happens with a smart refrigerator, which some models allow us to have an updated list of the products that we have inside. When it detects that something is scarce, it launches a warning.

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