5 engines to create video games beyond Unreal and Unity

In these times, software development is the order of the day, largely thanks to the platforms that we can use. This is a sector that also reaches the video game creation by all kinds of users. Here we find a good number of engines for all this that can be very helpful.

In fact, more and more users are opting to start in this software sector in order to develop your own titles. There are those who prefer creating applications for mobile devices, others for desktop platforms, or both. There are also many who choose to try to develop their own video games or start learning in this growing sector.

The truth is that there are several ways to start developing our own titles in the field of games for PC. We have the possibility of starting from scratch with some type of specific programming language, or opting for a somewhat more specific platform. Likewise, for all of this that we are discussing, we have a series of engines that allow us to create video games, making things much easier for us. Here the most popular engines are Unreal and Unity, proposals that surely many of you are very familiar.

Many of the current titles of this type that we enjoy at the moment have been developed based on these two mentioned engines. But despite its widespread use and popularity, we should not limit ourselves to these two elements of game development.

Other interesting engines for game development

With this, what we really want to tell you is that there are other similar ones beyond the two mentioned. That is why below we are going to talk about 5 other engines for the development of video games that have already been used in the past to create titles that will surely be more than known in most cases.

  • EAGL– This is a Canadian game development engine that is mostly focused on the C ++ programming language. It must be taken into account that to his credit he has titles of the popularity of the saga Need for speed, so it is an excellent alternative.
  • Euphoria: we also find this other interesting proposal that we can use for this type of task. To give us an idea of ​​its potential, say that the title GTA developed with it.
  • Fox Engine: Despite not being as popular an engine as the two mentioned at the beginning, Fox Engine has been used many times. For example and to give us an idea, games like Pro Evolution Soccer, Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill are based on this proposal.
  • id Tech: here we find a game development engine that has not stopped evolving over the last few years. It has up to 5 versions that have evolved to adapt to current times. They are largely based on the C language and thanks to this titles such as Quake II, Doom 3 or Wolfstein, among others.
  • SCUMM: and in this compilation of engines for the development of these games, we can’t put SCUMM aside. To give you an idea of ​​its importance, this was the one that was used at the time for the development of many of the titles of LucasArts.

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