5 gadgets you should use in the cheapest daylight hours

What appliances to use in the cheapest hours

First of all, you should know whether or not you have an electricity rate that has cheapest hours. If you are in the regulated market, you are going to have it yes or yes. On the other hand, if you are in the free market, it may be and it may not, depending on what you have contracted. But assuming that you do have a rate with hourly discrimination, these are the appliances that you should use at the cheapest hours.


One of them is the dishwasher. It really doesn’t matter to us to put it at one time or another. You simply have to calculate when it is going to be filled and when we are going to need the dishes to be clean. From there, we can put it in the hours in which it is cheaper to consume electricity at home. It is a device that consumes a lot of resources.

Therefore, if you can, put it in off-peak hours or when your bill allows you to pay less. You can even use home automation to schedule washing and thus spend less without having to be at home.

Washing machine

Another of the appliances that consumes the most light when used is the washing machine. If you take advantage of the hours of the day in which it is cheaper to spend electricity, you can save on the electricity bill. As long as you don’t mind putting it at one time or another, it is an interesting option that you can take advantage of.

In this case, you can also use a smart washing machine that allows you to program when it turns on. You can set it at a certain time even if you are not at home and in this way you can save on the bill.

Advantages of a smart washing machine

Drying machine

Like the washing machine, the dryer is another appliance that consumes a lot of electricity to work. You can combine the use with the washing machine and time to put both in hours in which it is more economical to consume electricity. You will be able to control when it is cheaper and take advantage.

According to the OCU, it has a consumption similar to that of a washing machine or dishwasher for one year. However, all this will also depend on your devices, how they optimize resources and how you use them.

electric thermos

Do you have electric thermos? You should know that it is another of the devices that consumes a lot of electricity. If you are going to activate it, you can take into account the option of putting it in hours in which energy is more economical. In this way you can save on bill and you will also keep the water hot for hours.

Here you can also modify the temperature, so that at certain times the power of the appliance goes down or up. That will also help save on the cheapest hours.


Another of the 5 devices that you could use in hours when light is more economical is the oven. Of course it is another of those that consume the most, although to a lesser extent than others that we have mentioned. If you use it during economic hours, you can save on the bill each month.

However this will not always be possible. Logically we will not always be able to choose when to use the oven or wait for certain cheaper hours. However, it is one more option to consider.

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