5 Games Based on Oscar-Winning Movies

The most important night of the year for lovers of the seventh art is approaching. The Oscars are those that reward the best of cinema produced in the US. for English speaking and, as a good source of classics, it has always inspired gamers, in one way or another. So, do you remember video games based on films that have won the occasional award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood?

And the Oscar goes to…

Since the beginning of the history of video games, at the end of the 70s, it was almost mandatory that any film that wanted to be a success had to release its own video game to support the release of the film in theaters with a product within the domestic sphere. It was the time of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, ET The Extra-Terrestrial and many other classics. It was the new cinema of Spielberg, Lucas and company, which at the same time that they were triumphing at the box office, they were winning Oscars. And since then, until today, the list has been growing.

With that said, without anything else to add, let’s start with the list of games based on movies that won one (or more) Oscars:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

We begin with what is for many the best adventure tape ever created. This film was one of the ones that received the most statuettes at the 1982 ceremony – including Best Visual Effects, Best Editing and Best Sound. That year it arrived for the mythical Atari 2600, a game based on the movie that has become a cult classic.

The Lion King

The Walt Disney Animation classic surprised the entire world in 1994. Its soundtrack, composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer, and the song Can You Feel the Love Tonight They earned him two Oscars (we imagine that you suppose what they are). That same year, a glorious platformer cartridge was released for 16-bit consoles, that it became the favorite of many kids of the time and that, to be honest, is really good.

Enter the Matrix

A classic of modern science fiction, matrix managed to captivate both casual fans and movie scholars, getting to win four Oscars in the year 2000, among which are Best Editing and Best Visual Effects. In the field of video games, years after the premiere of the first tape would go on sale Enter The Matrixa development that would expand the story we saw in the film of the (today) Wachowski sisters.

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King

The trilogy of The Lord of the rings It is one of the most successful in the history of the Oscars. Between the three films they have accumulated around 30 nominations. Of all of them, a third would be for The return of the King which would end up winning 11 awards, including Best Picture. In 2003, the same year the film was released in theaters, a video game would go on sale to adapt its plot and, to this day, it is considered the best in the franchise. Definitely.

The Godfather

For the end we leave the film that is considered by many to be the best in the history of cinema. The Godfatherwinner among others of the Oscar for Best Picture in 1973, has had a strange but interesting foray into the world of video games. In 2006, more than 30 years after the film’s premiere, it went on sale with a development style gta who was trying to revive interest in the franchise. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen from there.

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