5 great science fiction books about the colonization of space

That science fiction knows that our destiny is to bring WiFi to the last corner of space we have it clear. Therefore, if we want to anticipate and know what that conquest will be like, here are our recommendations for books on space colonization.

The awakening of Leviathan (The Expanse 1, Editorial Nova)

The expanse (Netflix) is one of the science fiction series that has received the best reviews lately, and it is based on a series of novels by James Corey that we recommend.

At the moment, you have 6 books in the saga And you better start at the beginning, of course. Leviathan’s awakening is the first title. In it, we are introduced to a human race that has colonized the Solar System and that has caused tensions between Earth, Mars and the asteroid mining colonists.

Whether you have seen the series or not, you will read one space opera Excellent.

El Marciano, by Andy Weir (Editorial Nova)

If there is one thing humanity has spent millions more on, it is in rescuing Matt Damon from the trouble he gets into. From Saving Private Ryan, until its appearance in Interstellar, going through the movie The martian.

In case you haven’t seen it, it is the story of astronaut Mark Watney and his mission on Mars, laying the first stones for the colonization of the planet.

The film, which is also an ode to the potato, is based on an excellent novel by Andy Weir that we highly recommend. Especially if you like hard sci-fi that explains everything in a real way and does not solve scientific problems by inventing a word or a magic device.

Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson (Booket)

We do not leave Mars, our first stop in the colonization of other planets, because the following recommendation also travels there.

Red mars inaugurates a series (followed by Mars Blue and Mars Green), where it is counted the history of the first colonistss that, in 2026, they reach the red planet with the aim of terraforming it.

One of its main attractions is that it perfectly explains what would that process of terraforming and colonization look like?, but at no time is boring.

From this author we also recommend you dawn, from the same publisher. In this case, it is the story of a generational ship that leaves the Solar System, heading to colonize Aurora, a planet in the Tau Ceti system.

The Star Farmer, by Robert Heinlein (Solaris Publishing)

Much more classic than the previous ones, the author of Space Troops tells the story of Bill Lerner, who wants to embark with his father on the ship Mayflower and set course for Ganymede to join the settlers who will live there.

The journey is dangerous and if you like Heinlein and classic science fiction, this is not his best known work, but you will enjoy it.

A pale blue dot, by Carl Sagan (Editorial Planeta)

We close with a non-fiction book, it is true, but it is a classic from the legendary Carl Sagan that you can’t miss.

Continuation of Cosmos, probably the best-selling popular science book, Sagan reviews the milestones of the space race and what our colonizing adventures will be like in the future.

Full of beautiful illustrations, it will delight anyone interested in the subject, and anyone with concerns in general.

Seriously, if you were always looking at the stars, you can’t miss this love letter to space and the best of humanity.

As you can see, the colonization of other planets is already underway. Musk threatens to keep tweeting from Mars shortly, but until then, these books will take you where no one has ever gone.

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