5 mistakes that leave you sold against ransomware

Errors that sneak ransomware

Ransomware, as well as many other types of malware on the Internet, usually arrive after a victim’s mistake. The attacker will need the user falls into a trap or make a mistake. In this way they are sold before the entrance of the threat and can control the computer.

outdated equipment

Undoubtedly one of the most serious mistakes and one that makes it easier for ransomware to enter is having the outdated system. This is going to cause there to be important vulnerabilities, that these flaws can be exploited by attackers and in this way they can sneak in ransomware without us noticing.

In fact, some of the major ransomware strains have taken advantage of known vulnerabilities in Windows systems. Luckily, this can be avoided very easily and it is simply by correctly updating the operating system, be it Windows or any other that you use.

You don’t have good antivirus

Another very important mistake that will allow ransomware to enter is not having a antivirus installed. This type of security tool will help us detect possible threats that appear and allow us to eliminate malware that has sneaked into the computer without us realizing it.

Therefore, you should always have a good antivirus installed. Which one to use? The truth is that there is a wide range of options, both free and paid. Windows Defender itself is a good solution, but there are many other alternatives such as Avast or Bitdefender that also work well.

Windows security measures

Download any file

It is one of the most common reasons why ransomware reaches a device. we make the mistake of download any file Internet, such as an attached document that reaches us by e-mail or through social networks. Hackers are going to take advantage of precisely those files to sneak the threat.

In this case, it is best to avoid downloading documents that are suspicious. For example, never download a file that arrives by e-mail without knowing who the source is and if it is really reliable or not. The same for social networks, messaging applications or simply when browsing the Internet.

Don’t look at the links you open

It is also an important cause not to see well which link we are opening. Perhaps we have received a link through social networks, e-mail or when entering another web page previously. That link It has been created solely to scam, to lead us to a fake web page, which contains malware.

This is one of the methods that hackers have to cause the victim to end up downloading ransomware. They use a link that is actually Phishing, is false and simply seeks to appear legitimate. Therefore, you should avoid these types of traps and always keep common sense.

Install pirated or insecure programs

One more mistake that causes ransomware to enter is downloading Internet content from pirate sites. For example movies, applications, etc. It is precisely these types of files where cybercriminals can sneak ransomware as there are fewer filters and thus the victim’s security is exposed.

But this can also happen when downloading an apparently legitimate and safe program, but you download it from a third party page and not from the official site. This can mean that this application has been maliciously modified and by installing it you are actually adding ransomware without realizing it.

In short, these 5 errors can facilitate the entry of security threats. It is important to know when a ransomware attack is most common and to be protected at all times.

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