5 Music Apps That Will Make You Proficient in Music

Learning music is a fun and beneficial activity for people of all ages, and it also helps them develop patience, discipline, concentration, and several other traits as well. Various studies, like this one, have also highlighted the health benefits of learning and playing music. It is a major stress reducer and also helps you stay relaxed.

While most people start learning a particular instrument in their early years, it is never too late to pick it up from the start. Thanks to technology, more and more people can learn music.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of music learning apps that help people learn different instruments and the underlying music theory. Earlier, you had to go to a piano or guitar teacher and take physical lessons, but everything has changed. You need to pick up your smartphone and download an app to learn everything about notes, scales, chords, patterns, and exploring time signatures, etc.

This article covers five of the top music apps that can make you proficient in music.

Top Music Apps to Make You Proficient in Music

As mentioned above, technology plays a major role in the learning process, whether for music or any other subject or skill. With the rapid evolution in learning technology, the sky is the limit. With that said, let’s look at five music apps that can help you become familiar with music concepts and theories.

1. Theory Lessons

Theory Lessons is a music learning app available on the Apple App Store and can is for people of all ages to learn about music theory. The specialized app uses animated and interactive lessons to teach you everything you need to know to become proficient at music. It also uses graphics and images to help you learn better and more effectively.

Theory Lessons takes you through the entire music theory spectrum, from basics to more advanced concepts. After going through it, you will be able to identify different notes, produce them on an instrument or through your voice, and sing better. The app isn’t free, but its small price tag is worth it. However, it is only available for the iPhone and iPad, so you might have to find another one if you are an Android user.

2. Ear Trainer Lite

Another wonderful app for music proficiency is Ear Trainer Lite, and this app is also available only on the App Store. The app provides you with a virtual piano and staff notation that you can use to learn how to read and identify different notes. People with different skill levels can use it to learn music theory and the basics of playing the piano with proper technique.

Ear Trainer Lite is a highly useful app for people looking to learn how to read music and play with the help of sheet music. The app contains more than 30 exercises on its Lite version, and you can also check out the full range of interactive exercises on its full version, for which you will have to pay. It allows you to connect your MIDI keyboard to your iPad and play along with the lessons and exercises.

3. Harmony City

Here is another useful app that you can explore on the App Store and Google Play Store. Harmony City is an advanced and comprehensive app that allows people to learn how to play the guitar or other stringed instruments with the help of video tutorials, guides, activities, songs, and interactive games. The app particularly appeals to younger learners, as it has attractive and engaging visuals.

Harmony City also links to YouTube and allows you to play along with some of your favorite artists and instrumental and cover videos. By doing so, you can practice your guitar lessons with more interest and passion. The app also listens to your playing style and technique and offers real-time feedback to help you overcome your weaknesses.

Another amazing thing about the app is that it has various lessons and exercises based on your proficiency level. This means that you can keep leveling up and increase the level of difficulty as you polish your skills and master different concepts.

4. Skoove

Skoove is a top-rated AI-powered music learning app designed to help people of all ages and skill levels learn to play the piano. Millions of users benefit from the platform available on the App Store and Play Store. Its interface displays a virtual piano with sheet music above it. It takes you through several comprehensive and short lessons that you can instantly practice and master. Plus, you can revisit each lesson and activity as many times as possible.

Skoove also helps you connect your keyboard to your device and listens to what you play, offering you real-time constructive feedback to improve your playing style. You can also use your grand or upright piano with it, and it listens to every note you play. You can instantly correct your mistake without making it a habit.

Plus, Skoove also gives you access to experienced teachers and a community of other learners. You can download it on your PC, tablet, or smartphone easily.

5. SingTrue

If you are passionate about singing and want to get started on the right track, SingTrue is what you need. It is an advanced app that teaches you everything you need to know about music theory, basic and advanced concepts and techniques of singing, and much more. The app uses your device’s microphone and listens as you practice your exercises. Then, it provides you with suggestions on how to improve yourself.

SingTrue is available on the App Store, and it features more than 30 exercises and activities that you can use to improve your vocal quality.

This brings us to the end of our guide on the best music apps to make you proficient in music. By using your smartphone or other devices, you can easily download them and get started on becoming a better musician.

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