What are the Best Payment Methods for Mobile Users?

Making online payments is not restricted to desktop computers and laptops. Today, it is possible to pay for goods, services, and games using mobile phones and tablets. For example, many of the leading online casinos have developed mobile applications and they can be easily installed. When playing mobile casino games for real money, you need to use a payment method and the same applies for other types of games, goods, and services. Continue below as we bring you the best payment methods for mobile users.


PayPal is one of the world’s top online payment processors and is supported on both Android and iOS devices. PayPal is a recognised name, and many people use the service when making payments for products on a computer, thus making it easy to use when buying products or paying for services on a mobile phone. Phone payments happen instantly when using PayPal and you can link all major credit and debit cards plus bank accounts to the PayPal mobile app. PayPal is extremely safe as it uses strong fraud protection, meaning you can relax when making payments or transferring money.


The upgraded Neteller mobile app makes it safer and easier than ever before to make payments and transfers. The app allows you to switch between currencies, so if you travel a lot and want to have access to funds in the country you are visiting, the Neteller mobile app is an excellent choice. There are 22 different currencies supported in the Neteller app and multiple deposit options including credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You will notice the use of cryptocurrency and that is new feature of the Neteller app, making it ones of the best payment methods for mobile users.


You can access your money on the move when using the Skrill mobile application. Available to install on your device from the Google Play and App Store, the Skrill app allows you to send and receive money within minutes thanks to a couple of simple taps of the screen. Online payments are where Skrill truly excels and you can pay for goods, services and at popular online casino gaming and sports betting websites. Having set up your Skrill account, you do not need to use your debit or credit cards and you can send money to accounts overseas at competitive rates. Skrill is a fantastic option for all your mobile payment requirements.

Apple and Google Pay

Both Apple and Google Pay are widely accepted mobile payment methods. One of the many leading benefits of using Apple or Google Pay is you can make payments using your mobile phone in much the same way as a debit or credit card. You can tap the screen of the payment device using your phone and the transaction is complete. Both Apple and Goole Pay offer strict security measures to counter fraud and there are no fees attached when using either mobile payment method. Many websites, including stores, gaming, and betting accept Apple and Google Pay.

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