5 Reasons Why Smartphone Is Essential For Traveling

Globalization and freedom of movement are the dreams of anyone inclined to change places. Over the past decades, technological progress and the stabilization of the economy have led to the fact that the tourism infrastructure has reached the most remote corners of the globe, and people began to travel much more often. Many of us have already begun to rediscover other countries, despite numerous bans and restrictions. However, two years without trips are making themselves felt: many of us have begun to forget the basic life hacks and rules, without which many organizational moments can turn into a nightmare.

A smartphone while traveling is your main companion and assistant, without which it will become much more difficult and boring to move around countries. Therefore, we have compiled for you the main rules for using a smartphone while traveling.

Travel organization

First of all, a smartphone can be useful even before you set off on a trip, namely when you are planning it. After all, today you can book and even pay for plane/train/bus tickets right on your smartphone, just like booking accommodation. Moreover, today you do not need to enter the browser on your smartphone, but use special travel applications that have been prudently developed by ticket and accommodation aggregators. We recommend booking accommodation from your smartphone, as users viewing options from a phone can see price options with a special “mobile” discount.

Local transfers while traveling

Just like tickets and accommodation, an important point in organizing a trip is your itinerary and the organization of transport. You should think in advance about what kind of transport you plan to use and what you need to prepare for this: if public transport, then you need to prepare cash, maybe even coins. In some countries, it makes sense and is even recommended to rent a car to make the experience of exploring the city unforgettable. Contrary to the opinion of many tourists that “hiring a car is expensive”, even the capital of world luxury – Dubai surprises with its affordable car rental prices. Speaking of the UAE, you can get cars for rent in LuxuCars for any duration: hour/day/week/month. Moreover, by hiring a car while traveling, you are not tied to public transport schedules and can make spontaneous additional stops whenever you like.

Communication with local residents

If you are traveling to a country whose languages you do not speak, it makes sense to take care of an offline translator. So you can at any time translate important information for you on signs, documents, and, of course, while communicating with locals. Communication with local residents and their attitude towards you will become noticeably more friendly if you please them with a couple of words in their native language when making a request. Bonus – a free lesson in a new foreign language with a native speaker. Do not deprive yourself of such experience and pleasure.

Entertainment on the go

A smartphone like nothing else helps to pass the hours both in line and on a long journey. By downloading just a few movies, books, offline games, apps, and music to your smartphone, you will provide yourself with “content” on any journey. It will be especially useful for those who suffer from aerophobia and are forced to fly to their destination.

Portable photographer and videographer

When traveling, you certainly want to shoot everything you see, and only professional photographers want to carry a bulky camera with them. But a smartphone with a good camera and a large amount of memory has long been replacing the good old SLR and film cameras for tourists around the world. However, do not forget that not everywhere you can shoot: when you try to photograph something, you can get into trouble. For example, if you are lucky enough to get to Rome, do not under any circumstances try to take a photo of the Sistine Chapel: the restoration lasted 20 years, and an outbreak could damage the object. Make sure you’ve checked all these photo issues in advance while organizing your trip.

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