5 reasons why YouTube does not load you well

Why is YouTube not doing well?

The reasons why YouTube doesn’t work well they can be different. However, there are some that are usually more common. We are going to show what they are so that the connection works as well as possible and to be able to watch videos without annoying cuts and problems on both mobile devices and computers.

connection is weak

Without a doubt, the first reason why YouTube videos are cut is because they have a poor internet connection. If the speed is very limited, it will not load the videos correctly. This especially happens when you put a video in a high quality, such as 1080p or even 4K.

What can cause a bad connection? Mainly when you connect by Wifi and you are far from the access point. The signal that arrives is weak and that will prevent you from being able to navigate normally. To solve it, it is best to optimize the network in some way. For example you can use a repeater, a Mesh system or PLC devices.

You should also make sure that all network components are properly configured and up to date. You should check that the network card you are using is working properly, otherwise it could be limiting the connection.

Browser problem

Another very common problem is that there is some error with the browser. If you are going to watch YouTube videos from your computer, your browser may not work well. It is something that can affect Chrome, Firefox or any other you use. You may have an extension that is creating a conflict, for example.

One way to fix this problem is to refresh your browser, clear your cookies and cache, and check that you don’t have any add-ons that might be causing problems. This can happen if, for example, you have recently installed an extension and for some reason it does not work well.

System with some fault

You may also have some general problem with the system. It can happen on the computer, for example on Windows, but also on mobile devices if you use iOS or Android. maybe i’m outdated and that generates problems when using different online services and platforms, as is the case with YouTube.

But in addition, it is possible that the system has some virus. That will prevent it from working properly and annoying errors will appear that, for example, could cause cuts when you watch a YouTube video. In this case you would have to use a good antivirus and analyze the system to see if there are any threats. It’s important to stay safe when using YouTube.

You don’t use the official app

The ideal is always to use official programs. In this way you will be able to make the most of the available resources and not have problems of any kind. However, sometimes we opt for third-party applications that offer different features and that makes it not work as we would like.

Therefore, if you see that YouTube videos are cut off, we recommend that you install the official application. You should always download it from the official website or secure stores, such as Google Play. This will ensure that everything works in the best possible way and reduce the risk of problems.

Some program is interfering

One more reason that can cause failures on YouTube is that you have some program installed and it is interfering. If you have recently installed any application, it may be that this is the reason why your videos are cut off and you are having problems both on the computer and on mobile devices.

For example, a program that may be causing problems is a vpn. Also other security tools, such as a firewall that is blocking the connection and causing those annoying cuts.

In short, these are the 5 main reasons why YouTube videos are cut. It is important that you keep everything in good condition and thus ensure that the connection works as well as possible so as not to have complications when watching a video on your devices.

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