Why PLCs are the best option for areas without coverage

PLCs, the best option to avoid coverage failures

It is common that in certain areas of a home we do not have access to the Internet. Coverage may be very limited or not even available. That is going to prevent us from connecting other devices and from being able to enjoy a good speed and quality. To avoid this, in many cases PLCs are the best option.

How do Wi-Fi PLC devices work? They are usually composed of two devices. One of them is connected to the router and the electrical network through a plug, while the other is placed in another place in the house connected to another plug. The Internet connection will travel through the electrical wiring.

In this way we can achieve a dead zone where the Internet does not reach, receive a signal and you can connect devices without problems. Now, why does it improve other options? A repeater, for example, what it does is receive the signal from the router and then distribute it to another area. But there we are always going to see a loss of signal, especially when we connect from a considerable distance.

PLCs are the best option when it comes to maintaining good speed and stability. Although they always have some loss compared to connecting directly to the router, it is much lower than what we will have when using a Wi-Fi amplifier. Especially when we need to take the connection to a very remote area, it is undoubtedly an ideal alternative.

Limitations of PLCs

Using them correctly is key

But of course, we must also take into account the importance of using PLC devices correctly. It is not enough to simply connect them in any way and expect the connection to work perfectly and with great speed. It is important to take into account certain recommendations to make them work well.

The first thing is connect them correctly. It is important that you do not connect other devices nearby. The more isolated the PLCs are, the better. This way you will avoid interference that can slow down the connection and cause problems. For example, you should not place a television next to it or a device that works via Bluetooth, since it uses the 2.4 GHz band, just like Wi-Fi.

You should also not connect them through a power strip. It is best if you connect them directly to the wall. Also, if you have the option of having an integrated plug, you better not connect anything to it as it could affect the quality and have problems getting a good connection. This can cause PLCs to malfunction.

Of course, it’s also key choose well the PLC that you are going to install. They are not all the same. You should look at some points such as having support for Gigabit Ethernet or being able to reach a good Internet speed. This will allow you to connect devices and achieve the best connection possible.

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