5 security mistakes you make when using the cloud

The cloud offers a wide range of options to store files on the Internet. We can have them available anywhere, create backup copies, free up space, share documents… However, the truth is that it can also be a security risk if we make certain mistakes. We are going to talk about it in this article. Let’s explain 5 things to avoid when using the cloud.

Security issues to avoid when using the cloud

Hackers can use many different methods to steal personal data and sneak malware. This also includes the cloudsince they could use programs that are actually fake or find a way to access stored files if we make a security mistake.

Not checking what you install

The first mistake is not analyzing what we are installing. Namely, install any app to use the cloud without really knowing if it is reliable, if it may contain malware or pose a security problem. This is the first thing to avoid, as attackers could use maliciously modified software.

Whenever you install a program to use the cloud, it is important that you review its specifications and analyze possible risks that it may have. A good idea is to search for information on the Internet or read comments posted by other users who have previously installed it.

Have the program without updating

It is also a mistake to have the obsolete program, without installing the latest versions available. This is something that happens with any application you use, but it can be especially dangerous when it comes to software with which you access the Internet or where you are going to host content that may be sensitive.

Our advice is always to have the programs updated with the latest versions available. This will help you fix security bugs, but it will also be very helpful in getting it to work as well as possible.

Enter insecure networks

Are you going to use the cloud from a public Wi-Fi network what can be dangerous? That is an error. You could compromise your personal data and an intruder could have access to those documents and files that you have stored in the cloud. It is important to avoid exchanging information on networks that are not trustworthy.

However, if you need to access the cloud from public Wi-Fi, our advice is to use a VPN. In this way your connection will be encrypted and a hypothetical intruder could not access the information you send or receive. You will be more protected and you will avoid problems that put your privacy at risk.

Download any file

Through the cloud you will be able to download many files that you have stored or that are shared with you. And the latter can precisely become dangerous. Sometimes they share with us links that lead to files stored in the cloud and that can be a danger.

Here you have to pay close attention to who and why they share that link to download files from the cloud with you. It could be a trap and it is advisable to take precautions and not download any dubious document, which could compromise security as it is malware.

Link other services

Are you going to link other services to the cloud? Some platforms allow this and it can be useful, but also dangerous. In this case our advice is avoid linking other apps, whenever possible. This will reduce the probability that you will suffer an attack, since that service that you are linking could have some vulnerability.

Therefore, whenever you use platforms where you are going to store sensitive information or files, such as the cloud, the ideal is that you do not link other services. This will help you avoid many cyber attacks.

In short, these are some mistakes that you should avoid if you want to enhance security when using the cloud. You can always encrypt files for the cloud to reduce the risk of data leaks, but it is equally essential to maintain common sense and not make mistakes.

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