5 signs that indicate that they have entered your mail

Email is one of the main targets of hackers. They can find confidential information, access data to other accounts, attachments that may be important… For this reason, it is always advisable to be protected, regardless of the provider we use. In this article we are going to give 5 clues that may indicate that someone has entered the e-mail account.

How to know that they have entered the e-mail

May steal the password Through Phishing attacks, with a keylogger, brute force… We may even have left the session open on a computer. Either way, an intruder can get into your mail and read the entire contents. Of course, the normal thing is that it always leaves a mark.

You have sent spam

One of the signs that we can see is that we send emails that have not been by will. Also, this is usually spam, junk mail that we send to other contacts. Attackers take advantage of this to make third parties more trustworthy and open an email sent by someone they know.

In this way, the intruder could even sneak malware to third parties. It could even launch Phishing attacks to take over more accounts and have control of more users in the same way that they have previously done with our account. It is important to avoid tracking by e-mail so that this type of problem does not occur.

read emails

Another clear sign that someone has entered the e-mail account is when we have read emails. It is true that if someone wanted to, they could read the emails and then mark them as unread, but if there is one open, marking it as already read is certainly a good test.

That intruder may want to collect personal data or read a specific email, such as the code to validate the login to an account. If we see that something like this has happened and someone has read an e-mail, it certainly means that we have intruders.

Suspicious login prompts

Normally mail providers notify us when they detect a suspicious login. For example when it happens in another country, another IP address or even another unusual device. They send us a message indicating that they have detected a login that may be fraudulent.

If it wasn’t us, if we haven’t logged in from another network or somewhere else, maybe it’s an intruder who has gained access and now controls our email account.

Password doesn’t work

It is certainly one of the most visible signs. If we try to access the email account and it appears that we are misplacing the key, that shows us that someone has entered and changed the password. It is the first thing that many hackers can do to avoid being detected and that it is the victim who changes the key first.

In this case, action should be taken as soon as possible. If we have a linked email or through the mobile phone when receiving a code, we can give it to recover password. We may also contact the email provider and take steps to verify identity and regain control.

Subscriptions arrive that we have not made

Maybe we start getting emails from subscriptions in which we are registered, but it really has not been us. even these subscriptions They can be paid, in some cases. An intruder has been able to register us on services and platforms without our consent, simply by having access to the account.

This would be another sign that should make us see that we may have intruders in our e-mail and take action as soon as possible to correct it.

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