5 tasks that you can automate in the kitchen with home automation and you didn’t know

Automated tasks in the kitchen

Current technology offers us many options that a few years ago we could not even imagine. But the best of all is that it is constantly advancing, so over time we will see more and more options. This also happens with home appliances that we have in the kitchen and that we use constantly.

Preheat the oven

One of the tasks you can automate is preheating the oven. You do not need to physically press the button, since even without being at home you can do it. Think, for example, that you are arriving home and you want the oven to be ready to heat the food. You want to save a few minutes and give it a preheat.

In this way, simply with the mobile you can achieve it thanks to your Wi-Fi smart oven. You will have it ready as soon as you get home and you will be able to heat the food. Everything is to save a few minutes in your day to day.

turn on the dishwasher

Another daily task that you can automate in the kitchen is turning on the dishwasher. But beyond that, you can control it remotely. In other words, you can know how much time is left, pause it if necessary, use the best washing program in each case to optimize resources, etc. Home automation allows all this.

If you think about buying a smart dishwasher, as you can see it can be a very interesting option. It is something that is present in many kitchens and the fact of using home automation here will help you in your daily tasks.

heat the coffee maker

You can also program the coffee maker to start heating up at an hour. You can do it thanks to having a smart plug. You can program it to turn on at a specific time or turn it on manually from your mobile, even if you are not at home at that time.

Once again, you can automate a task to save time. If you want the coffee to be ready when you get up in the morning and not wait for it to heat up, it is an option that you will be able to make.

automate kitchen

Buy products for the refrigerator

Although not all refrigerators have this function, if you use a smart one, you may be able to configure it for it. Basically what it does is register the products that you have inside and be able to configure it so that it warns when something is scarce. But beyond that, in some cases you will even be able to schedule recurring purchases when there is no certain amount.

It is a way to free up tasks, since you will not have to be aware of when something is scarce. In addition, the purchase will be made directly through the Internet and it will arrive at your home. Something also interesting.

Open drawers or turn on the faucet by voice

In many cases you will be able use the voice to control household appliances. That also includes those you have in the kitchen. But even in some cases, in some smart kitchens, you will be able to open drawers or turn on the faucet simply by using your voice. This can be useful in certain situations.

Think, for example, when you are cooking and your hands are full. You need to open a drawer to get something or momentarily open the tap to wash some food. Although there are sensors that also detect your hand and the tap would open, you can also use your voice for it.

In short, as you can see, these are some daily tasks that you can carry out in your kitchen in an automated way thanks to home automation. You have multiple options that you can consider.

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