AVM FRITZ! Repeater 6000: Meet this WiFi repeater with Mesh and WiFi 6

Main features

This new WiFi repeater from the manufacturer AVM is the best WiFi repeater with new 802.11ax standard or also known as WiFi 6, which we can buy today. If you have a WiFi 6 router from any manufacturer, this repeater will allow you to expand the wireless signal and greatly improve the speed where you did not have coverage before. If you have a FRITZ! Box router, in addition to having great coverage and speed, you will enjoy seamless integration into the AVM ecosystem. Thanks to this integration, you will have the possibility to configure a mesh WiFi network with FRITZ! Mesh, therefore, we will have both WiFi roaming between the repeater and the router and also band-steering.

Wireless features

This WiFi repeater is simultaneous triple band with WiFi 6, and class AX6000, therefore, we are facing a top-of-the-range WiFi repeater from the manufacturer. In the 2.4GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 1148Mbps, thanks to its four internal antennas in MU-MIMO 4T4R configuration and WiFi 6. In the first 5GHz band (low channels) we can achieve a speed of up to 2.402Mbps, thanks to its four internal antennas in MU-MIMO 4T4R configuration and WiFi 6. In the second 5GHz band (high channels) we can achieve a speed of up to 2.402Mbps, thanks to its four internal antennas in MU-MIMO 4T4R configuration and WiFi 6.

Thanks to the incorporation of these three frequency bands, we can achieve high WiFi speeds. The repeater will connect with the router in the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band simultaneously, in order to have the maximum possible stability and speed. We as WiFi clients can connect to the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band that is not being used by the trunk link. If we have the same WiFi network name in all frequency bands, the repeater itself will take care of placing us in the best possible frequency band to achieve maximum speed.

Because we can have a 5GHz band dedicated to interconnection and running at 2.4Gbps, we will be able to achieve high wireless speeds. This model does not have support for 160MHz channel widthHowever, it is very possible that it will soon incorporate this functionality to act in MU-MIMO 2T2R mode but with 160MHz of channel width, with the aim that smartphones or laptops can achieve the maximum possible real speed, since this This type of device does not have four internal antennas as this repeater does (it has four internal antennas for each of the three frequency bands).

This model has support for WPA2-Personal and also WPA3-PersonalTherefore, if you use the latest wireless security standard, you can also connect to the main router without any problem. On the front we will find a button «Connect / WPS» that will allow us to synchronize the WiFi repeater with any router, in the event that you use a FRITZ! Box it will integrate perfectly into the Mesh network and will adopt all the WiFi configurations made in the main router, such as SSIDs and passwords, access profiles for guests, access password and more. Other very important characteristics of this new model is that on the front we find a status LED of the coverage received from the main router, this indicator will allow us to place the WiFi repeater in the best possible location, in order to have the maximum speed wherever we are going to connect.

Finally, this AVM FRITZ! Repeater 6000 repeater not only works in WiFi repeater mode (WiFi Bridge) but can also be configured in access point mode (LAN bridge mode), in this way, if we connect it through the network local LAN via cable, we can generate a high-speed WiFi 6 network with simultaneous triple band. If you have a wired house, it would be ideal to connect this repeater via cable and generate a very high-speed WiFi network to take advantage of all the available bandwidth on WiFi 6.

Wired Features

This WiFi repeater has a total of two Ethernet ports. The LAN port 1 is a 2.5G Multigigabit portThanks to this important feature, we can connect a PC and obtain speeds of up to 2.5Gbps of real performance. Let’s imagine that we want to achieve speeds greater than 1Gbps via cable on a certain PC, the trunk link that this repeater allows us is up to 2.4Gbps via WiFi 6, thanks to this port we will not have a bottleneck in the wired network. The other port that we have available in this WiFi repeater is LAN 2, this port is One Gigabit Ethernet port at 1Gbps speed as usual. Therefore, we have a total of 2 Ethernet ports on this very high performance WiFi repeater.

Thanks to these LAN ports, we will be able to connect several devices via cable (PC, consoles, decoders) if we have it configured in WiFi bridge mode. If we want to configure it in LAN bridge mode We can also do it, in addition to having an additional LAN port to connect any other device. If you use a FRITZ! Box router, we will also have WiFi Mesh, even if we have it configured in LAN bridge mode.

Firmware and configuration modes

The firmware incorporated in this WiFi repeater is still FRITZ! OS with all the usual configuration and customization options, this repeater has two configuration modes such as WiFi Bridge and LAN Bridge, in addition, we also have the possibility to program the WiFi of the repeater , create a guest WiFi network, configure email alerts, and have seamless integration with other AVM products by incorporating the same FRITZ! OS operating system.

The highlight of the firmware of this AVM FRITZ! Repeater 6000 is the FRITZ! Mesh compatibility, and it is that we will be able to create a complete meshed WiFi network with WiFi roaming and band-steering, therefore, we will have the best possible user experience in our home wireless network. Of course, this repeater when configured with FRITZ! Mesh will import all settings from the main FRITZ! Box router.

Unboxing and first impressions

This AVM FRITZ! Repeater 6000 WiFi repeater has the same physical appearance as the previous AVM FRITZ! Repeater 3000 model, but the most important thing is inside this new repeater as it incorporates the WiFi 6 standard, therefore, we will have a great wireless performance . The incorporation of three frequency bands for a repeater is very important, because we can use a 5GHz band as a trunk link between the repeater and the main router, and the other frequency band can be used to connect wireless clients, without harming the speed of the above.

Another very important and remarkable aspect compared to other high-performance WiFi Mesh repeaters is the incorporation of a 2.5G Multigigabit port to avoid having any bottleneck in the wired network. In addition, we also have another additional Gigabit Ethernet port in case we want to connect a device via cable and obtain a “normal” but really fast speed, because the trunk link via WiFi is up to 2.4Gbps.

In RedesZone we have recorded a complete video where you can see in detail all the features of this AVM FRITZ! Repeater 6000 WiFi repeater, as well as the built-in accessories as well as the documentation.

Soon we are going to offer you a complete analysis of this top-of-the-range WiFi 6 repeater with Mesh from the German manufacturer, where you can see the technical characteristics in detail, the real performance via WiFi and via cable, and we will also show you all the configuration options of the firmware.

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