5 things to check before downloading a file from the Internet

To the download any file of the Internet we may be putting the security of the system at risk. We may be downloading malware without realizing it. This happens when opening an email attachment, downloading a program, downloading a document, etc. In this article we are going to give a series of tips to be prepared at all times and download files from the Internet in complete safety. We’ll see 5 essential things to keep in mind.

What to keep in mind when downloading a file from the Internet

The objective of these recommendations is to be able to download documents and files of all kinds without compromising our safety. Any virus that sneaks onto the device can affect performance, expose passwords, or serve as a gateway for intruders to take control.

check the url

The first thing you should do is check the URL very well of that file that you are going to download. There is something weird? Is it the official page or not? There you can find clues as to whether that link is really reliable to be able to download a document or you could be compromising your security without knowing it.

For example, you can see if the page name is what it should be. Hackers can create very similar domains, but by changing a letter, a number, adding a symbol, etc. In those cases, you would be facing a phishing attack that simply seeks to steal your data.

Look for information on the Internet

Whenever you have doubts, that you don’t know if the page where you are going to download a file is really reliable, you can make a internet search. Simply by entering Google or any similar search engine and searching for that specific site, you will be able to find information from other users.

It is a very useful way to verify the security of a web page whenever doubts arise. It is not only interesting for downloading files and documents, but also for making any purchase, registering, etc. We can always see the testimonials of many other users who have used it previously.

analyze the link

Another option that you can take into account is to analyze the link from which you are going to download a file. For this you can use different online antivirus with which you will be able to know if it contains a virus or not. Basically what they do is compare a database and in this way alert in case you are entering a website that may be dangerous.

If you have doubts as to whether it may contain some type of malware, you simply have to paste the URL and press analyze. You will quickly know if it is safe or not and you will avoid entering a site that could be dangerous and expose your personal data.

protect your equipment

But another thing that you cannot ignore is to protect your equipment correctly. This means that you must have installed a good antivirus. It is essential to detect malicious software and be able to block it before it reaches your computer and puts your security and privacy at risk. You can use programs like Windows Defender itself, Avast or Bitdefender.

In addition, protecting the equipment also means having it updated. It is essential to have all current versions available. This will help fix any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a hacker. You should always apply it no matter what operating system you use.

Common sense

Undoubtedly something very important is common sense. You should avoid downloading those files from websites that are not completely trustworthy. For example, avoid links that you have received by mail from an unknown account, an attachment that you have no guarantees about if it may or may not be a problem, etc.

Keep in mind that most cyber attacks will require the victim to do something, commit some error, and here common sense is essential. If you avoid making mistakes, you will prevent many attacks on the network.

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