5 tricks if your WiFi network suddenly starts to go wrong

What to do if Wi-Fi starts to go bad

If you have come this far, it is because you have noticed that your Wi-Fi connection is starting to go wrong or sometimes it does not work as you would like. You can prevent this from happening if you take into account some recommendations simple that we are going to give you.

Use the correct band

The first thing is to use the correct Wi-Fi band. Today most devices are compatible with the band of the 2.4GHz and that of the 5GHz. We can say that the first one is ideal for connecting far from the router, although it is slower. On the other hand, the second one is the best to have the maximum speed and works worse in long distances.

So, if you suddenly see your wireless Internet connection going bad, it may be because you’ve connected to the wrong band. You may have selected the 5 GHz one and you are very far away or the 2.4 GHz one and you are close but notice that it is slower. Wi-Fi may lose range based on distance.

Change the access point

You may also have changed access point. If you have a repeater at home, it is possible that you are connected to one that is further away and, therefore, the connection starts to go wrong. Sometimes the device automatically connects to an available network even if it performs worse than a nearby one.

To avoid this, what you can do is check the available networks and connect to the one with the best signal and do a speed test. You can also set it to only connect manually.

Put the router somewhere else

This trick can be very useful whether you have occasional connection problems or if the speed is not going well on a regular basis. The Where do you put the router? It will be essential so that it can distribute the wireless signal well and thus be able to connect from other devices no matter where you are.

Ideally, the router should be in a central location in the home. If possible, put it in an elevated area, from where it can distribute the signal well without having problems connecting other devices.

Remove interfering devices

Have you recently connected anything near the router? That can cause interference. It could cause the speed to drop or even not be able to connect normally. For example a television, a computer or even a microwave turned on could affect the wireless signal.

It is best to put the router or access point in an isolated area, where it does not have other devices that may be interfering. In this way we can make the signal go better, without cuts appearing.

Check that the equipment is working well

The problem may be due to a bug in the system from the computer or mobile. For example, a virus, something misconfigured, an update that has been caught… What you should do is check that everything works correctly and that the equipment is working fine, without any problem.

The basis for a computer to function well is that it is properly protected and updated. This will also help the Internet connection go without cuts and with a good speed.

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