6 Best Phone Trackers in 2022

You are probably here searching for a helpful technique that you can use to track a specific device. It’s never easy to track a handheld device or the user because not many phone applications support this function.

With reliable phone tracker apps, you will find it easy to track a specific device and gain lots of insight into its location. We’ve consulted with leading phone tracker experts at Cell Tracking Apps to get you the freshest information. So let’s look at some phone trackers you should consider:

1. mSpy

Started in 2010, mSpy ranks high up among some of the best phone track apps – and this is evident in various functions it supports. It’s easy to set up and install on both android and iOS devices. Though this application offers phone tracking functions, it works in stealth mode, so it’s never easy to detect. Below are some of the other tracking functions that this cell phone tracker app supports:


Here is a list of the key features that mSpy can provide:

GPS tracking

mSpy provides a unique way of tracking a device through GPS data. This phone tracker works to track the location of your child’s device and upload it online. The online system features customized algorithms that help organize the data in an easy-to-access format.

SMS Tracking

With mSpy, you also can track the text messages content some send to and from the device. The phone track app also has a specialized function that can access any deleted messages. Text message tracking works particularly well for android devices thanks to the unique way it caches user data.

Call History Data

The mobile application also makes it easy to determine who called a specific device. You can use it to access phone contacts, dates, call durations, and various other data forms. The application also presents this information in an easy-to-access and unique user interface.

Social Media Monitoring

mSpy also provides users with the ability to track social media apps, and the various activities the target phone engages in on every platform. The social media tracking function also works well when you want to monitor cell phones conveniently.


mSpy requires rooting and jailbreaking for users to access the advanced software features.


Mspy is compatible with iOS 7 – 9.1 and Android O.S 8.1 mobile phones.


  • 1 Month – $48.99/mo
  • 3 Months – $27.99/mo
  • 12 Months – $11.66/mo

2. Spybubble

SpyBubble is a monitoring device that can help you track a specific device, and it is mainly specialized for a child device. However, it can also work for various other devices requiring tracking. The app allows parents to track potential predators and ensure that their child visits the right places.

It’s also compatible with android and iOS devices.


Below are some of the other features of this phone tracker:

GPS Tracking Function

The GPS tracking function makes it easy for you to determine the whereabouts of a loved one through an easy-to-use map. The map receives real-time location data updates, essential for phone tracking purposes. You can even use this function track a stolen device, as long as it has an active data package.

Access to Social Media Chats

Social media monitoring is one of the main features of this spy app. The applications the app can track include Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. It’s the same feature you will find in the free mobile tracker package of this mobile tracking application.

Call Log Data

With Spybubble, you also can access the list of phone numbers that engage in phone calls with the given device. The cell phone monitoring app lets you track this information in real-time and stores it in a convenient database format. Sadly, this cell phone tracker app doesn’t support the recording phone calls function.

Rooting and Jailbreak

Spybubble will not work without jailbreaking an iOS device because the non-jail broken version has feature limitations.


SpyBubble is compatible with all Android O.S. 4+, iOS 8+ for iPhones and iPads.


  • 1-month subscription – Personal – $24.95
  • 2 – month subscription – Professional.

3. eyeZy

While it is a family phone tracking apps category, EyeZy also serves as an excellent phone tracker that you can use to determine the location of a specific device. The application has a simple-to-use interface and affordable pricing plans for its users.

The app has a free cell phone tracker package you can use to get accustomed to some of its features. Below are some of its main features:


Here is a quick rundown of some of the key features of eyeZy:

Track Your Child’s Location Real-Time

The app lets you track your little one’s cell phone location in real-time. It works by accessing the GPS and location data in your child’s device and then relays then to an online database. You can access the database online and gain access to the specific location of any given device.

Location History Data

You can also use the app to track the location history of any family member or phone user you might suspect of truant behavior. The app provides the information in an organized and well-structured user interface for convenience.

Customized Geo Zones

The application can also let you create customized geo zones for specific locations. It will then relay alerts to your device whenever the child leaves the designated area. It can be at school, home, or anywhere else your child is likely to go. The application tracks the information in real-time by using phone data.

Receive Alerts When a Family Member is in Danger

You can also customize the application to deliver alerts for when a family member is in danger. It works in the form of a simple response function that informs you of the impending danger to your loved one.

Source: Unsplash.

Rooting and Jailbreak

eYeZy doesn’t require a rooting or jailbreak process to function on Android or iOS devices.


Eyezy is compatible with Android version 8.1 or higher, and version iOS 12 or higher.


The pricing plan applies for both android and iOS devices and includes:

  • 1 month plan – $47.99/month
  • 3- month plan – $27.99/month
  • 12 month plan – $9.99/ month

4. Cocospy

Cocospy is another excellent recommendation for cell phone tracking purposes. The mobile tracking app is popular among parents, employers, and cyber security staff. The phone tracking app has also received over one million downloads from over 100+ countries.

You can also use it as a free phone tracker app, so you get the chance to evaluate its features and benefits. Thanks to its simple-to-use interface, this phone tracker app give you location information in the blink of an eye. Below are the other helpful details relating to the app’s functions.


Here are some key features of Cocospy:

GPS Tracking

Like the other tracking apps on this list, Cocospy provides GPS tracking features. It lets you access a specific device’s location history data and specific timestamp details. The application organizes this google maps data into a concise and convenient user interface. You can learn more about tracking a cell phone location without the target’s knowledge in this guide.

SMS and Social Media Tracking

Cocospy also does a good job of tracking social media profiles or details on a target device. These include messages you send through social media or the default phone apps. After collecting the target device data, this phone tracker app provides a simple-to-use and manage interface. Capable of tracking text messages, this app takes phone tracker functions to a whole new level.

Access to Call Log Data

You also gain access to real-time information on the specific numbers that any given device calls. The information on phone calls includes time, outgoing call date, and duration metrics. Sadly, this phone tracker app doesn’t provide the ability to record phone calls.

Dynamic Pricing Plan

The pricing plan Cocospy includes various inclusions, and choices so you have the freedom to use the app as you wish. You can purchase plans that support different types of features, and as many as 10 devices. The Cocospy brand also recently added the Bitcoin purchase option to their phone tracking apps service.

Jailbreaking and Rooting

Cocospy is unique because you don’t have to perform a root or jailbreak process on the root device. Unlike other similar phone tracking software, you can still access the app’s main functions without jailbreak.


Cocospy is compatible with all iOS devices, and Android 4.0 or higher devices.


Unlike the phone tracker apps on this list, Cocospy is available with various unique pricing plans for both iOS and Android devices. Below is a quick guide on these specific cell phone tracking pricing categories:


  • Basic – 1 month licence $39.99, 3 month licence $59.99, 12 month licence at $99.99.
  • Premium – 9.99/mo, 1 month license at $49.99, 3 month licence $69.99, 12 month licence at $119.99.
  • Family – 1-month license at $69.99, 3 month license at $99.99, 12 month license at $199.99.


  • Family – 1 month at $99.99, 3 month licence $199.99, 12 month licence at $399.99.
  • Premium – 1 month $49.99, 3 month licence $79.99, 12-month licence $129.99.
  • Business – 1 month $399.99, 3 month licence $699.99, 12 month licence $999.99.

5. uMobix

uMobix is a spy app that helps parents gain real-time insight into the activities of their little ones. The application collects various types of smartphone data and presents it in a well-organized user interface.

The makers of this phone tracker app have also done well to include flexible pricing plans to suit your tracking needs. There various other features this phone tracking provides include:


Below are some of the features of the uMobix spy application:

Media Tracking

The uMobix app allows users to track the media that someone sends to and out of a particular device. It can track photos, videos, soundtracks, and other similar data forms.

GPS Location Tracking

The uMobix spy software can also track the given device’s location data and present the information through an online user interface. All the GPS location tracking information the application provides gets real-time updates, and you also access the movements in real-time.

Social Media Tracking

With uMobix, you get the ability to track social media apps on any target phone conveniently. The cell phone tracker works by accessing the data these apps send and store on the device in question. You can also gain access to a roster of all the text messages the target phone sends.

Call Logs Tracking

As one of the best phone tracker apps on the market, you will find it easy to track the phone call logs the given device makes. To be specific, the app can track both incoming and outgoing calls, with various types of detailed data.

6. Spyzie

Spyzie is the final contender on this list of phone trackers you should consider. The mobile tracker offers a highly intuitive and seamless user experience, perfect for first-time users. It also works as an excellent parental control tool, thanks to the stealth mode and customizable features.

Spyzie tracking app is as dynamic as the other apps on this list because it also works well for business tracking applications.


Below are some of the features you get when you install this cell phone track software:

Location Tracking

With Spyzie, you can perform location tracking of any Android or iOS target phone. There is jailbreaking required for the application to work, and it provides accurate location information. You can access the information through the app’s website, where you created a user profile.


With Spyzie, you also get to create a customized “digital fence” that ensures your loved one never gets out a specific perimeter. The Geo-Fence works by alerting you when the device trespasses the locations you highlight on the app.

Contact and SMS Monitoring Functions

The Spyzie application will keep a huge list of all the device owner’s contacts access regularly. Similar to the other cell phone tracker apps on this list, Spyzie will store the data on an extensive database that receives regular data updates for conciseness. Expect to find it easy to track incoming and outgoing messages when using the Spyzie software.

Stealth Mode

Thanks to the stealth mode feature, the phone owner will never discover the app’s presence in your device. The location tracking app works under the disguise of the default mobile applications that are likely to exist in a given device. Stealth is a crucial feature you will find in any list of cell phone tracker apps.

Rooting and Jailbreak

Spyzie doesn’t require a jailbreak or rooting process to track a cell phone.


The Spyzie phone tracker app is compatible with all iOS and android devices of version 4.0 and higher.


Similar to Cocospy, Spyzie has a unique pricing plan which includes the following details:

Android Devices

  • Basic – 1 month licence $39.99, 3 month licence $59.99, 12 month licence at $99.99.
  • Premium – 9.99/mo, 1 month license at $49.99, 3 month licence $69.99, 12 month licence at $119.99.
  • Family – 1-month license at $69.99, 3 month license at $99.99, 12 month license at $199.99.

iOS Devices

  • Family – 1 month at $99.99, 3 month licence $199.99, 12 month licence at $399.99.
  • Premium – 1 month $49.99, 3 month licence $79.99, 12-month licence $129.99.
  • Business – 1 month $399.99, 3 month licence $699.99, 12 month licence $999.99.


Using a cell phone tracker is easy when you have the right resources and use the correct strategy. Phone tracker apps like mSpy are an excellent resource for these purposes because you get real-time information at an affordable fee. The phone tracker apps we have on this list also guarantee an exceptional user experience and convenience in tracking a device.

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