6 secrets of Google Chrome that surely you do not know

It goes without saying that this allows us to access the universe of the internet, with all its web pages and online applications. In addition, the search giant is already in charge of integrating, over time, new functions and features that improve the experience with the program. These focus on the functionality of the program itself, while others focus on security or its user interface.

Precisely for all this we can say that the number of features available at the moment in Chrome is quite high. In fact, it is more than likely that some of these integrated and already available functions are not known to you, all despite the usefulness they offer us. Now we are going to talk about six browser secrets which you will probably love.

Search Google from any website

When we need to do a search, whatever it may be, we normally open the corresponding website of the search engine par excellence, which is Google. Here we introduce the terms of this so that the search engine shows us the results that interest us. But it is interesting to know that Chrome allows us to carry out these search tasks by simply selecting a word from any website and clicking on it with the right mouse button. In the contextual menu we find the function that searches us directly in Google.

Control YouTube from the rest of the tabs

It may be the case that we are reproducing some youtube video in the browser, while using other tabs. Well, it is interesting to know that the program itself at that moment creates a new button that it places next to the address bar. The best of all is that this direct access allows us to control the video portal from any tab. In addition, without the need to situate ourselves in what is being playing the content.

Pin tabs so they are always available

It is common practice that we work with a good number of tabs simultaneously in Chrome. At this point it is important to know that we have the possibility of setting some of them so that they are always available and we cannot close them by accident. We just have to click with the right mouse button on it and select the Fix option. This places a small tab on the left side of the interface of the program.

A Task Manager to view resource consumption

One of the biggest complaints Google’s browser gets is the high Resource consumption of the PC that takes place on many occasions. Generally all this is due to the tabs and extensions that we use in the program. With everything and with it if we want to know in detail the resources consumed by each element of the Chrome browser, we have a Windows-like task manager.

To access it, we only have to go to the More tools / Task manager menu option.

Delete harmful programs from the PC

One of the many security functions offered by this application focuses on eliminating potential harmful programs installed on the PC. To say that this is a feature that we find in the configuration of the program itself. It is enough that we place ourselves in the section Restore configuration and clean to benefit from this built-in security feature.

Create shortcuts to websites

In the event that we use some websites on a regular basis, we must know that the browser allows us to create direct access to them in the system. We only have to open that specific page and in the More tools section we find the possibility of creating a shortcut on the computer to that URL.

chrome shortcut

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