6 tips and tricks to get the most out of your MacBook

Tips and tricks for using MacBook

Do you want to know how to make the most of your macbook? This guide will help you know the best tips and tricks to use macOS. If you have been able to acquire a Mac during these years, then you may have discovered that there are many improved applications and new functions on Apple computers. For this reason, I have summarized this guide with the 6 tips or tricks tips to improve your macOS working knowledge.

A MacBook is the best computer you can get anywhere in the world. The macOS operating system is specifically designed to be Easy to use by any user. Although, many features go unnoticed within the endless list of apps. For this reason, there are functions that we all know and others that go unnoticed because they are less intuitive. But, that’s what Mac tips or tricks lists are for, and with this little guide You will be able to do things that you do not know and that you think are impossible.

Use voice dictation on Mac

One of the most practical features is the write quicklythanks to the function of dictation on Macs. Also, writing via dictation works very well and smoothly. It is a tool, it is very practical when you want to work with your hands free when writing texts. To access this feature, you must select the apple menulater System preferences to click Keyboard and select Dictation. To start dictating, you have to click on the dropdown menu under the microphone icon. Another way to quickly access the speech to text conversion is through a quick function pressing twice the function key or Fn. To create a shortcut, you’ll need to select the option Personalize to choose the language and select the keys you want to use as a shortcut to the particular function.

Voice dictation on MacBook

Make long text summaries on MacBook

Can summarize texts, it is one of the MacOS features that most users are unaware of. This function allows you to condense an article, to read the most important sentences of a long text. Although, you will first need to have enabled the summarize a document. To enable this feature, you have to access System preferencesto select Keyboard, Shortcuts, Services and finally enable the option Resume. To summarize a text, you must highlight or select text you want to summarize and click the right click on Services Y Resume.

Make long text summaries on MacBook

How to use an iPad as a second screen for your MacBook

Why buy a second monitor if you already have an iPad? The function Sidecarallows you to use a iPad What drawing tablet or one second screen for your Mac. Although, Sidecar is a feature that only works on recent iPad and MacBook models. According to the technical specifications on Sidecar, the second screen function can be used on Mac computers with at least one processor sky lake and with macOS Catalina.

Sign a PDF on Mac using the Preview app

Today, many companies request and use the electronic signatures In the documents PDF. This is becoming a practice standard in the digital documents where they need to be signed. Don’t worry, because signing digital documents is very easy if you are a Mac user. You just need to use the application Preview to create a digital signature and save it. First, you’ll need to open the PDF document with the Mac’s built-in preview application. Then, you’ll need to open the tool brands and use the function ballpoint at the top right of the application window. Finally, you will have to click on the signature icon and create a digital signature on the PDF document.

Sign PDF on MacBook with Preview

Add emojis on Mac in any document

One of the most famous cultural and digital phenomena are the emoji. They are widely used to express emotions on the iPhone and other smartphones. What many Mac users don’t know is that they can be easily add in any document. You simply have to access the menu bar to select the option Edit and click on Emoji and symbols. Finally, choose the emoji you want to use and it will be inserted where you left your cursor.

Add emoji on MacBook

Use Spotlight for quick calculations

In the operating system macOS one is included calculator, although it is not fast to do calculations. Fortunately, you can do quick spotlight calculations. The best way to do calculations is by using the search box by Spotlight. You just have to enter the formula and the answer will appear as you type. Besides doing quick calculations, you can also use this app to perform currency conversions.

Spotlight as a calculator on MacBook

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